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    Hey I'm new 2 these forums so I'm sry if there's already a thread for this but I have a curve 8330 now with one of those silicone cases and alls it does it attract dust and it really aggravates me because I like to keep my berry clean :-) what would be the best case for this phone and one that doesn't attract dust? Thanks a lot

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    04-12-09 06:37 AM
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    The Seido cases seem pretty popular and they look nice as well. Also I don't believe they are dust collectors. A friend of mine has one and she loves it. Oh an they come in different colors.
    Personally I have the Body Glove snap case. It's very durabe and has a thick plastic screen protector. Other than that I use the standard BB leather holster while I am working. (Have to take the Body Glove case off to fit in leather holster)
    The BG case adds a bit of heft and weight but it defintely keeps it safe and I don't seem to have a problem with dust at all.
    Check out the Crackberry store, it's all in there.
    Hope this helps and WELCOME!
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    Thanks man I appreciate it, I did end up going with the sedio case and hope it works out, thanks for your opinion

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    04-13-09 01:51 PM