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    Hello all. Heres my current problem. I've recently upgraded to the new os for the Curve 8310. And now re-occuringly everytime I use the mp3 player, my phone will shut off with no warnings. In order to restart it I must pull the battery, and wait an exceptionally long time for it to load up. This has never happened before this operating system. I know it's not a battery problem for when it is turned back on, the battery is just as charged as it was before. I have gotten my phone wet several weeks ago but it worked peachy fine until now. I am curious as to any possible solutions before I wipe the device and start fresh, such a time consuming procedure. Thanks kindly.
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    06-30-09 04:16 PM
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    Sometimes the memory card file system can get corrupted during an OS upgrade. Move your files off your card using Mass Storage Mode, then format the card in your BB. Then move your files back in small increments and test. Repeat till you either find a file that is causing the reboots, or all the files have been moved back to your card.

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    Well that didn't fix the problem. I tried reformatting the card, and then replacing all my old mp3 and other data with new stuff that was never on their before. First song I started playing after the reformat it shut itself off again. I need another remedy!
    07-01-09 11:35 AM