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    Just an FYI ...

    I picked up a set of chargers (home & car) from eBay. I figured, seeing as the charger that comes with the Storm is in a bag with a "Made in China" sticker, that it would be OK to buy one straight from China.

    However, if I plug in the 3rd-party home charger, I've noticed that while it's plugged in and then after I unplug it, I have no screen touch recognition, or very very spotty (like 1 out of 10 touches will register, with a huge delay) until I do a battery pull.

    But it DOES charge the phone, with the little bolt icon.

    I tested it side-by-side with the OEM charger last night, and it only happens with the 3rd-party charger. I haven't tried the car charger yet to see if it does the same thing.

    Anyone else have any such issues? I'm hoping it's because I'm running .76 rather than an official Verizon release, as I got the 2 chargers and a black snap-on case for $10 shipped, which is way better than $30 for one charger.
    01-03-09 10:50 AM
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    This is a known issue and is pretty common with 3rd party chargers. I would recommend spend the extra $15 and get straight from RIM.
    01-03-09 10:54 AM
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    I think I would discontinue using the 3rd party charger - the fact that it is altering the function of the device does not bode well. It would be worthwhile to see if it is delivering the rated voltage, if you have a volt meter. If it is not, it could damage the device.

    I recommend you toss it and chalk it up to experience.
    01-03-09 10:58 AM
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    Yes, I have had the exact same problem with my after market wall charger, where the keys are unresponsive after an overnight charge. The battery does get charged but requires a battery pull to get it working. Seems to happen more often when I am starting out with a pretty good charge, which makes me think that having it plugged in for very long with a full charge may be causing it. Happens about once every four nights. My OEM charger is at work so I haven't tried it overnight but I am guessing I'd have no problems with it.

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    01-03-09 11:00 AM
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    Hmm, I would think that power is power, enough or not enough for a charge. But that only takes 2 contacts of the 4 (I believe) in the microUSB plug.

    I wonder if a cheaply made aftermarket charger is using the other contacts or not have enough/proper separation from the ones involved with transmitting power? A voltmeter/multimeter can tell you this.

    An inverse example of this is when I use the Motorola mini to microUSB adapter (SKN6252A), where it only transfers power and not data (darn!). Clearly, they're only using the power contacts and not the data ones.
    01-03-09 11:52 AM
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    ...An inverse example of this is when I use the Motorola mini to microUSB adapter (SKN6252A), where it only transfers power and not data (darn!). Clearly, they're only using the power contacts and not the data ones.
    Wait.. you're saying your SKN6252A doesn't transfer data at all?? If that is the case, you have a defective SKN6252A... Mine do BOTH power and Data. (I have about 5 of them used with both Mini-B data cables, and chargers just fine).

    To the OP,

    just because the RIM chargers say made in China, doesn't mean the 3rd party "made in china" chargers are the same or even from the same factory.

    If you puchase a CHEAP generic charger, you often get what you pay for, no matter where the "orignal" or "factory included" stuff comes from.

    I have used some generic stuff with my Moto phones.. I purchased a car charger for my Moto V3C from eforcity.com that worked great until the plastic broke about 9 months later.

    But since walmart, target, newegg and others have started carrying Moto adapters for $10-15... I just use them instead.
    01-03-09 12:10 PM
  7. sprintrjm's Avatar
    I bought a cheap charger off amazon and it f-s with the touch screen even after its been unplugged.

    I just bought a razor charger from fredmeyers but it must have a mucch lower voltage, its taking soooo long to ccharge, i have not been able to boot it up, it was dead when i starrted charging, and 30 min later its not enough of a charge to boot..

    Looks like i will be spending more money at the local verizon store..
    01-16-09 05:50 PM
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    I would just spend the extra money and buy an OEM charger. No need to fry your phone over a few dollars or to have these problems.
    01-16-09 05:52 PM
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    I bought one on ebay that said it was storm compatable because I travel often and it had a fold in plug and retactable cable. I used it twice and both times the screen locked and had to do a battery pull. On closer examination I saw that its output was 6 volts versus the 5 volts on the original. I don't know if the voltage diff caused the problem, but haven't used it since... hmm maybe I'll sell it on ebay... nah nevermind
    02-13-09 12:41 PM
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    according to vzw tech's if if you use a third party charger and your storm frys cuz of this it will void the warranty
    02-13-09 12:44 PM
  11. itznin's Avatar
    according to vzw tech's if if you use a third party charger and your storm frys cuz of this it will void the warranty
    How can they prove this?
    02-13-09 12:54 PM
  12. Corporatetrainer's Avatar
    Oh did you think my post was real??? Nah I was just relating a dream I had....
    02-13-09 01:51 PM
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    Anyone have a Seidio car charger? I just ordered one of these and now im worried! I know Seidio makes quality products but I just dont want my phone messing up on me.
    02-13-09 03:33 PM
  14. fiveonethird's Avatar
    You get what you pay for, stop being a brokedick and just buy the real deal charger and you don't have this issue.

    02-13-09 04:49 PM
  15. wentouch's Avatar
    I have the dual home/car charger from Verizon. Works great, fairly good build and charges quickly. 2-3 hours to complete charging.

    Check to see if the voltage for both chargers are identical. I think a different voltage may affect some functions.
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    02-13-09 05:57 PM
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    Im sure the Seidio one will be fine. They are a very reputable company.

    Also on the actual item description (from their site) it says " 1 Amp high output insures proper charging over generic versions "
    02-13-09 07:43 PM
  17. homieelee's Avatar
    i am baffled about why the storm requires OEM Rim chargers. bought a generic charger off ebay, and have experienced the same touchscreen lag. i decided to scrap that since it cost only $5. then i went and bought the 3 in 1 Seido charger from crackberry. i plugged it in, and it doesn't even charge. the usb cable works fine.

    i give up, and will fork out the darn money for an overpriced oem charger.
    03-19-09 10:51 PM
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    Wow, this thread definitely helped me a lot. At least now I can tell either the UPS, USPS or FedEx guy that I don't want to accept the package (contains the 3rd party car charger for my Storm that was bought on eBay)... Hehehehe... Thanks a bunch guys!!!!
    03-20-09 12:49 PM