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    I was using a 32 GB microSD card with my BB Tour that had most of my music collection on it and some pics. When I got the new BB Bold 9930 I used it for a few days to listen to music but then found that it was corrupted and my Bold would no longer recognize it. I tried to access it using my laptop but no luck there either. Has anyone else had this happen? Is there a reason for it? Is there any way to retrieve my data?
    08-31-11 12:30 PM
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    I had this happen with my 9700 and an 8 gig chip. Had everything backed up to my laptop thank god because the laptop wouldn't recognize the chip either.
    08-31-11 01:02 PM
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    Which brand of card were you using?

    I had a PNY Class 10 32 GB microSD card in my Bold 9930 and it started doing the same thing. I thought it was my Blackberry Podcast app malfunctioning at first, but then my media players stopped reading track tags and I'd get random "format unsupported" errors for files I would normally use.

    Finally, I got prompted to repair corruption after a reboot yesterday and it's been downhill ever since.

    SanDisk is THE brand to get. Pay the markup for the industry leader. Go with reputable retailers. My brother got a knockoff on eBay that failed. Other brands aren't reliable. They fail on you no matter what phone you're using. I had this PNY die in a 9930, my brother had a knockoff die on him, using the Droid X. Official SanDisk is the way to go.

    For high capacity and higher bandwidth, they have a top-level series. Check their website. They say it's class 6, but performs at class 10 speeds, so who can complain? I plan to buy one soon, but they're sold out at a lot of places.
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    12-01-11 12:40 AM
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    I recently bought a PNY 32GB card. Started transferring all my stuff over from my 8GB card and then it stopped working in my 9900. Computer wouldn't recognize it and I tried formatting it in other devices and it just wouldn't work. I returned it and got a new one and this one seems fine.

    Not sure if it was the BB or just a bad card.

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    12-01-11 01:54 AM
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    I've had the same thing on my 9860. Happened twice and both cards were SanDisk.
    12-01-11 02:11 AM