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    1. Well, I got my replacement Torch, and it's charging right now (light is green). I remember my previous Torch having battery problems. Should I do a long charge over night to avoid that problem happening again? I thought because the battery is lithium, it doesn't have to be fully charged for hours like previous phone batteries.

    2. Cause my phone was stolen, I lost my 8GB memory card (which was almost full, lost a lot of things that were important). I'm looking to buy another one, I was told that anything higher than 8 will ruin my phone, is this true?

    3. Do you think a case/screen protector is necessary for a Torch? I used to run my Storm 2 naked until it came to end of my contract. Then I got an Otterbox that was going on sale.

    4. Any recommended headsets? I used to use the BlackBerry Premium Headset until someone broke them. Now I'm just using the standard BlackBerry ones that you now get, or iPod/iPhone headset. I'm just looking for a fairly decent one since I use my phone like it's an iPod too. Maybe I could use my Storm 2 as one as it's just sitting in my drawer...
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    Long charge to full capacity is good. These batteries like charging and hate being fully discharged.

    Torch takes up to 32gig memory card I believe.

    Protection of that touch screen is good. My preference runs to pocket pouch. The wife prefers OtterBox.

    Sorry cannot help with headset.
    09-05-11 09:38 AM