1. pmjohnson99's Avatar
    Since I'm getting ready to purchase my Curve I wanted to know if anyone could suggest a mounting product for my car listed above. I think I like the idea of something that connects above the AC vent or higher since I plan to use the GPS often.

    Pictures would be nice too if you have suggestions.

    04-03-08 01:46 AM
  2. Spiriitus's Avatar
    Hi PMJohnson,

    I would highly recommend ProClip for what you are requesting.

    You need to purchase both the vehicle mount specific to your car, and the device holster specific to your model Blackberry/PDA/iPod/cell phone/etc.

    Below are the options they have for the Audi A4.

    "Simply clip on in seconds
    Anyone can do it
    No special tools required
    No dashboard dismantling
    No interior damage
    Secure fit within easy reach
    Made of heat and cold resistant ABS plastic
    Pre-drilled holes for AMPS and ProClip hole patterns
    Onto the ProClip Mount you can attach any type of holder for your device e.g. a Mobile Phone, MP3, PDA, PND, GPS, UMPC, Satellite radio, Navigation Monitor, Multimedia Monitor, Hands-free car kit, Two-way radio etc. "

    Check out ProClip Mounting System - Choose Your Country.
    04-04-08 08:31 AM