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    So I just put one of these in my Bold running v4.6.0.247, platform (on O2 UK if it makes a difference )

    (oh, I don't have enough posts to add the link... well it's called the "Play.com 16GB Micro SDHC Memory Card (Class 2)")

    Didn't seem particularly slow to copy 14gb of music onto it, but if I play a MP3 and try to do anything else that accesses the card (e.g. browse photos) the music stutters and often skips to the next track. My old 2gb card never did this.

    I read on this forum that a class 2 card should work fine, so... I guess it's not up to spec and I should send it back and get a name brand card. Or is there anything else I can try?

    So far I have
    - formatted the card with the phone
    - removed most of the music, leaving only a few tunes
    - battery pull numerous times
    none made a difference.
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    Looks like a nice site but i have a pny micro sdhc card and it works great.So i might order the pny one.Thanks for the info.
    11-15-09 04:43 PM
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    I'd have got the PNY one but it was out of stock at the time. What size do you have and what phone is it in?
    11-15-09 06:34 PM
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    I have a 8gb and it's in my bb curve 8330!
    11-15-09 07:34 PM
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    I may try updating my OS by the .00001 or whatever it is between my current version and the latest, but suspect it won't help.

    Any other ideas forum folks or is it going back in the post?

    -- Tried in another phone, same problem. Not a recommended purchase
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