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    Lately, when I try to listen to Pandora or podcasts in my car using my berry's 1/8" jack and my car's aux input, it keeps randomly turning on the voice command. I'm assuming there's a small electric pulse going through the cable, making my berry think that I've got a headset plugged in and I'm pressing the vox button. Replacing the cable helped temporarily, but it's happening again after a couple months. Is there any way to avoid this? Better cable to buy than just a standard Radio Shack audio cable? Or can I disable voice command on my Bold? I know I disabled something on my Curve once by removing a file in the java folder in the os system files. Can the same thing be done here? I never use the voice command.

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    08-15-09 05:07 PM
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    I have that same problem but it only seem to happen when I have my bluetooth headset connected at the same time I have the 1/8th jack connected to my car. Once I turn the Bluetooth off I no longer have that problem.
    08-15-09 09:44 PM
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    I don't use bluetooth.

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    08-15-09 09:46 PM