1. MarcC8520's Avatar
    I am looking for a way to download movies and tv shows straight onto my blackberry since I don't have internet on my computer.

    I want to download the movies/tv shows onto my memory card and then transfer them to my computer where I want to watch them.

    Downloading from websites like megaupload, rapidshare etc doesn't work because of the waiting time.

    12-21-11 07:49 PM
  2. delfteo's Avatar
    I don't know what type of data plan you have, but a movie is almost 500-800 mb.
    If you download 4 movies you reach your dataplan.
    Here the give me 3gb a month after this they slowdown my internet.
    But you can always download movies with opera browser there the bb browser don't let you download big files.
    If you open opera and want to download a megaupload link open the link and when the counter don't run click the "Copy file link to clipboard" link after clicking this link the counter run a little and click this link again, till the counter is at "0" and then click the download link and your download starts.
    This trick works great also by other file servers.
    you also can use your BB as modem using Desktop Manager, configure your apn at DM and you have internet with your pc.
    Also this works great, but see first de details from your data plan, some companies let you pay for each mb you used after you reach your maximum.

    Enjoy DelftEo
    12-22-11 03:03 PM