1. garywi's Avatar
    My Bold 9700 takes video in .3gp. These don't play on my computer?
    12-31-10 06:49 PM
  2. emeraldgirl08's Avatar
    VLC also plays EVERYTHING.
    12-31-10 09:27 PM
  3. emeraldgirl08's Avatar
    What is the difference between the free version of jetaudio and the plusxvx?
    12-31-10 09:44 PM
  4. emeraldgirl08's Avatar
    lol. I think I've used WMP about 2 or 3 times this year (2010 still here in Arizona). I've grown comfortable with VLC and enjoy the program contained codecs. Makes things easier
    12-31-10 09:58 PM
  5. mindchatter's Avatar
    VLC Player is terrific. I use it as the default player on all our computers. I does play EVERYTHING and you can't beat free!
    01-01-11 11:18 AM
  6. gbsn's Avatar
    Do yourself a favor and install VLC first for the sake of simplicity. If you want even more flexibility in terms of codecs, download the klite codec pack and use media player classic. Media player classic or VLC are extremely light, they do one thing extremely well, to quickly playback videos or audio from windows explorer with the choice of external or internal codecs. Also, VLC is portable and it runs on other operating systems besides windows.

    JetAudio is more like a windows media player, that has all the crap you can get with some basic entry level editing functions, and if you are a regular non-fully multimedia home user, crap you will barely ever use, but its always good to have just in case.

    In terms of playback speed, VLC wins over jetAudio, and media player classic wins over VLC.

    JetAudio falls with iTunes, WMP, Winamp. Its good at media file management, has conversion capabilities, has networking functions, ripping and burning capabilities, portable media sync, etc etc, but for on the fly video playback with less garbage loading in the background, VLC or media player classic win hands down.

    So my suggestion is, use VLC/media player classic for quick audio/video playback from windows explorer (useful when browsing a portable device), and JetAudio or winamp for audio playback or any other basic file edition you need.

    Some people like decentralized software where you can pick and choose what to use and load what you need. Others like everything in one place where you dont have to bother looking for anything, losing a bit of "customization".

    So yeah, just try them both, VLC is more like an explorer helper anyways, but it does offer streaming, and even acts as a streaming server. But for what the OP needs, VLC is more than fine, specially since he can just use the portable version on the blackberry and carry it on the microsd/device memory and use it at every computer he would ever want without worrying about installation with admin rights (good for school, cyber cafe, public computers).
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    01-06-11 01:08 AM
  7. emeraldgirl08's Avatar
    Hmmm... a little off topic but for those of you who wonder why I have 3 consecutive posts. There was another poster who was advising OP to get Jetaudio. I had never heard of Jetaudio and looked it up. Looks like the other poster deleted his account maybe???

    Mindchatter is absolutely correct- VLC=good as it is free
    01-06-11 08:32 AM
  8. Matrix Leader's Avatar
    VLC Player FTW, it plays anything you through at it.
    02-05-11 08:31 AM
  9. n3xt's Avatar
    Use VLC.
    It's always the best player.

    VLC-Player have almost all codecs and plays subtitle automaticly.
    It''s perfect
    02-14-11 06:11 AM
  10. Ether2105's Avatar
    VLC Is Excellent.

    02-14-11 09:26 PM
  11. nealbscott's Avatar
    I find you can upload the 3gp file to youtube, and then can watch the Youtube version anywhere I happen to be.
    03-22-11 01:20 PM
  12. jerkin's Avatar
    Thank you!
    06-20-11 02:13 AM