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    The purpose of this sub-topic is to share information about converting and using video on BlackBerry.

    Keep it Legal

    No posting of Warez in the forums, such as links to download warez, instructions on "cracking" software, or "workarounds" that enable people to utilize for-pay services without paying. Posting this kind of content can result in an immediate and permanent ban. These kinds of activities can get CrackBerry.com in trouble, and nobody wants that, so just don't do it.
    There never was an intention to create an outlaw movie resource. We rely on our members to police the forums and report occurrences of illegal activity. They will be dealt with.

    Members that choose to post content are requested to use the vB Code tags ([code ] and [/code ]) to prevent the link from being resolved into a link that can be clicked to start a download.

    Members that choose to download files will highlight the URL and copy to their clipboard (Edit/Copy or CTRL+C) then paste it to their browser address bar (Edit/Paste or CTRL+V).

    Following this procedure does not make it legal, but it does prevent the host servers from seeing a substantial volume of traffic originating from Forums.CrackBerry.Com.

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    Whether you download a movie from an unauthorized source or sell counterfeit DVDs on the street, you are a movie thief whose crimes carry serious legal consequences of which you should be aware. Federal and state laws and international treaties exist to stop people from stealing valuable copyrighted material. Pirates all over the world should know that law enforcement entities are committed to protecting copyrighted material because creative works such as motion pictures and television are as valuable as any other type of property.

    The MPAA and its member companies have a multi-pronged approach to fighting piracy, which includes educating people about the consequences of piracy, taking action against Internet thieves, cooperating with law enforcement authorities around the world to root out pirate operations, and encouraging the development of new technologies that ensure movies can be made available legally over the Internet and other digital media. As an industry, we are working hard to protect our creative works.
    Here is my movie link.
    Motion Picture Association of America
    ...to everyone who messages me about hooking them up with movies...sorry, but I really can't. I got a REALLY nasty letter from Warner Bros. law firm about the potential for being sued due to my " continued dissemination of their copyrighted material...cease and desist"...followed by a letter from my ISP informing me if they heard from anyone again...I was off their service. Sooooo...please understand the bind i'm in. However...if you're ever in the Cincy area...stop by with an external drive...and I'll hook ya up big time !!!

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