05-25-11 04:45 PM
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  1. thevisme's Avatar
    there should be a south park app for the storm. sort of reminicent to the south park studios website where you can watch every episode for free. except for the storm
    05-30-09 01:47 PM
  2. purplepack's Avatar
    can you upload each season into a zip file?
    05-30-09 05:36 PM
  3. wpn00b's Avatar
    Requesting smallville if possible

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    I have seasons 1-6 and I'm on my way to getting 7 in a few days here...everyone STILL wants too much for it. What seasons are you asking for?

    South Park is awesome. With all of the movies and South Park now on my BB I'm gonna have to go buy another memory card. I never thought I would fill up 8 gigs. I honestly only planned on using it for my music.

    05-30-09 08:14 PM
  4. thefatkid22's Avatar
    i will do that after i have all seasons uploaded in single episode format cause if it were me i would only want certain episodes so i don't fill my memory card
    05-31-09 12:07 AM
  5. hachikid's Avatar
    that would be incredible if you got them up!
    06-01-09 01:21 AM
  6. thefatkid22's Avatar
    season 8 is now up season 9 will be up tomorrow morning
    06-01-09 08:48 PM
  7. bleachani's Avatar
    You have only eight season of south park i think 9, 10, 11 and 12 season are out. I watch all the seasons of south park and those episodes are as funny as they are.
    Source : southpark.download-tvshows.com
    06-02-09 05:29 AM
  8. thefatkid22's Avatar
    you are correct and i am working on getting those posted but i takes about an hour to encode cause i do two season at a time then about 8-9 hours to up load so it takes time
    06-02-09 08:54 AM
  9. thefatkid22's Avatar
    ok season 9 is posted zip file is still uploading. I will be working on re posting seasons 1-4 so there can be unlimited downloads as well as zip files.
    06-02-09 09:14 AM
  10. thefatkid22's Avatar
    just an update i am going to repost season 1-4 next im working on getting the rest of the seasons
    06-02-09 12:54 PM
  11. thefatkid22's Avatar
    season one has been reuploaded so if you were wanting to dl it its up and runing
    06-03-09 10:20 AM
  12. jbennet52002's Avatar
    I downloaded two seperate episodes and am not getting any sound on my curve 8330, am I doing something wrong?
    06-04-09 09:02 PM
  13. purplepack's Avatar
    i will do that after i have all seasons uploaded in single episode format cause if it were me i would only want certain episodes so i don't fill my memory card
    it would be easy for us to download one file and then just be able to add only the videos we want. instead of dozens of separate downloads
    06-04-09 10:57 PM
  14. thefatkid22's Avatar
    yeah it makes sense but it also take four hours to upload the zip files
    06-04-09 11:42 PM
  15. compinche's Avatar
    i noticed the other day that most of the movies i DL to my BBS are mostly wide witch suck when im on the road, is there a way to find out before DL'ing?
    06-05-09 01:35 AM
  16. compinche's Avatar
    i should just search i guess...........
    06-05-09 01:36 AM
  17. thefatkid22's Avatar
    are you talking about movies or South park cause i believe all the episodes are regular screen size
    06-05-09 11:52 AM
  18. thefatkid22's Avatar
    update 3 hours till season 1 zip is uploaded
    06-05-09 11:53 AM
  19. thefatkid22's Avatar
    ok well ive been trying for the last couple of days and the network connection keeps timing out on the zip file uploads sorry im still working on it but i want to get them all posted first then figure that out
    06-06-09 12:33 AM
  20. thefatkid22's Avatar
    season 2 has been reposted on media fire as well as season one if you didn't know btw it has come to my attention that someone has had an issue with the sound on a 8330 if any one else is haveing any issues please let me know
    06-06-09 05:13 PM
  21. thefatkid22's Avatar
    you guys can now follow me on twitter where i will post updates to this thread in real time @thefatkid22
    06-06-09 05:44 PM
  22. thefatkid22's Avatar
    ok so with season 3 reposted on media fire i will continue to post the rest of the sesons thx for the support
    06-07-09 01:46 AM
  23. dany8907's Avatar
    I just have a question. What software are you using to convert these to mp4. They look great.
    06-07-09 04:57 AM
  24. thefatkid22's Avatar
    i use media coder its a free converter and can convert from just about everything to just about everything with all sorts of options and then i have high quality AVIs that i am converting form which helps
    06-07-09 11:10 AM
  25. thefatkid22's Avatar
    season 10 has been completed and season 11 is now encoding
    06-08-09 07:57 PM
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