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    I bought the new BOLD today and the girl at the store took my media card out of my old blackberry and put it in the Bold 9900. She said the pictures would transfer over. When a promt came up to FORMAT my media card, I realized there was an issue...DID NOT FORMAT IT. We put the card back in my old camera and ALL my videos and pictures from the last few weeks are gone...no, not backed up, did not plan to get new phone today but did. HELP please...videos of my kids skiing and skating are gone, as are all the pictures. Really sad and hating my new phone. Does anyone know where they are...checked on computer with phone plugged in...no videos or pictures/
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    02-17-12 09:07 PM
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    If you're not seeing them, then only conclusion to be made is that they are gone. You can try getting an adapter and NOT using your phone to view the memory card to see if they really are gone but chances are.. they will be. Worth a shot though, I've seen it happen before.

    Just for the future though, you should look into dropbox or something that syncs all your images whenever you connect your device to your PC. Backing up your content is ALWAYS a good idea cause realistically, things happen.. things go wrong and things will go missing. Speaking from experience, lost all my sons baby photos due to a faulty hard drive.

    Sorry to hear they may be gone.
    02-17-12 09:44 PM
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    When it say format, she changed your memory for a new one.
    See if there are 2 mem's and the same amount.
    If yes you get a new mem and they have yours.
    Only a new memory say format, your mem will recognized like normal in a new bb.

    Enjoy DelftEo
    02-17-12 09:53 PM