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    Hi all,

    Forgive me if this has been stated elsewhere, but I did look through the forum and didn't find anything specifically. I was looking for a dedicated app for video streaming for the PB, like Netflix or Hulu, and wondered if anyone had any inkling? Thanks in advance!
    09-04-12 03:42 AM
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    You have a couple options. The only app I'm aware of is Epix, which you can find in App World, the problem is you need to have it on your cable in order for it to work beyond a 2 week trial. It's like HBO Go. Another good option is Amazon on Demand, it works great on the PB's browser, and if you have an Amazon Prime subscription (a GREAT value) you get many MANY videos for free. And finally the best option is to get a PlayOn subscription, and then use an app like Connect to TVersity (OR just use the PlayOn mobile site) and use your existing Netflix and hulu subsciptions. An important note here is that you can use the free side of hulu, AND you get many other video streaming sites too such as TV.com, MLB.tv (WITH subscription) HBO go, etc, BUT you must run a PlayON server on a PC that you keep running in order to get the stuff working. But these days who does NOT have a spare PC, or a PC at home that they keep running.
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    09-11-12 03:43 PM
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    does renting movies off of you tube work? i agree streaming would be nice to have but have are not there is too many great things about the playbook to worry too much all good things come if you wait!!!
    09-24-12 10:21 AM