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    I found a nice site to watch online or download mp4 movies the 2009 - 2011
    Select a movie and select server when it ask open or download and you choose open after 15 or more second you can watch the movie online (wait a little the movie opens) or choose download to download to your memory.
    They have 5 pages movies and all for free, easy and simple.
    Also the movies are in .3gp format for less data use, the movie is in acceptable quality

    Don't watch all at the same time to overload this server

    Watch and download Mp4 movies here

    Watch and download 3gp movies here

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    Enjoy DelftEo
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    02-13-12 08:23 PM
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    thanks for your nice sharing oh BTW i just wondering if i can play it to my BB after downloading from website. hope hearing from you soon,tks.
    02-14-12 02:54 AM
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    most likely you can play it all when downloaded it to your bb.
    you can try out for yourself to see if it works.^^
    02-14-12 03:19 AM
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    Thaaaaank youuuuuuu
    05-21-12 07:16 PM
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    I tried it out,and it works very well! thanks for sharing!

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    06-14-12 11:30 PM
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    thanks that is cool. u are such a nice guy

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    07-15-12 09:10 AM