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    I am currently trying out a android phone. I have used a classic for last few years. Of course I had to make a new bbm account as I can not move mine over I guess. So learning the app again I find one annoying thing right off. When the app is open and I am say chatting with wife. I get no notification option when her msg comes in unless i actually get out of the app. I have been using tetra for sms and at least with the texting it will vibrate when I get a reply during a consersation. With bbm msgs get missed as they slip in almost secretly.

    the other issue I had and only tried it once was the vidio chat. It linked up well but was overwhelmed with high pitched squeels and sounds. I was over cell and my wife was on wifi. may try it again but as of now not very useful.

    Seems Android is where it is going so if I want to use bbm its where I have to be. Just need to get my keytwo. this typing on glass is not for me.
    10-26-18 10:49 AM

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