1. mas_quemex's Avatar
    Microsoft Skype ends support for another platform this June to mop up demand for its OS.

    BlackBerry must use this window to extend BBM video conference support for smart TV sets made by Samsung, et al.‎

    Source - Skype ditches support for smart TVs - BBC News
    03-09-16 02:31 AM
  2. PantherBlitz's Avatar
    Not necessarily a bad idea but I imagine that BlackBerry would be better served by adding video capabilities to BBM for Android and iOS before trying to add any other platforms. BBM on Windows needs video and voice added.
    03-09-16 02:50 AM
  3. itsyaboy's Avatar
    I would have to agree with PantherBlitz here. Going to smart TVs (as much as I don't like them) should be a lower priority then getting BBM Video truly crossplatform, or at least to iOS and Android. And since we all feel that this won't really happen, I would not count on getting BBM Video on your smart TV... Really an unfortunate situation if you ask me. I am not a big fan of Skype, but regularly HAVE to use it because I don't really have (or known) other video calling options. I tried a Jitsi Chatroom once (locked of course) but that was a bit weird. And that was on a computer too..
    03-10-16 04:23 PM
  4. miker476's Avatar
    Might want to try Zoom video conferencing. It's what the old BBM Meetings used for their service. There's a free version. Works on multiple platforms.
    And then use an HDMI cable or Miracast to send to your TV.

    Posted via CB10
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    03-12-16 09:45 AM

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