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    Is the 5 switch limit, between 5 devices with different PINs or 5 times total?

    I've had BBM Music since it first was in beta zone, and I installed it on my black 9780, then on my white 9780, and I switched back and forth between devices some, but only sometimes logged into BBM Music (like when you switch between BlackBerrys but only sometimes log into App World).

    Well I got the 9900 in August and downloaded BBM Music. Works great, and I subscribed. But then I got the 9810 in November, and sold my two 9780s. Now, when I go to BBM Music on my 9810, it say I've reached the 5 switch limit, rendering BBM Music useless on my Torch.

    I called RIM and the guy suggested I make a NEW BlackBerry ID for the Torch so I could download BBM Music. That sounded kind of extreme, seeing as I use my @tmo.blackberry.net email for everything, and that would be stuck on ONE phone. I've looked everywhere for a way to reset the count of switches, but haven't found anything. RIM should really issue license keys to people, so they could use BBM Music on any one of their devices.

    Does anyone know how to re-register or something, so I could use it on my Torch instead of waiting for the random day the time limit is up?
    02-08-12 09:44 PM