1. 1488's Avatar
    I have a few questions about blackberry music.

    1) Are users able to upload their own music and share it? For example a local band that wants to get themselves out there

    2) Are we able to suggest bands that bb should get on the music system? I haven't been able to find a lot of information on this.

    3) Is there a website that helps you connect with other bbm music users. If not, then blackberry is kind of dropping the ball. If they want this music thing to fly have a website that connects people to other people with similar tastes in music. Secondly, they should have a list of celebrities to follow so people can see what they listen to, etc.
    12-25-11 11:16 AM
  2. ekafara's Avatar
    1. As far as I know they don't have that. But that would be awesome for local music!(I'm down in Australia for a year and they have an amazing support system for local and unsigned bands, I wish there was a better support system everywhere else)

    2. I haven't seen anything about this either, but also a good idea.

    3. BlackBerry Australia and New Zealand keeps posting the top songs of certain famous people. I haven't really checked any of them out so I'm not too sure what they really talk about, or how they present it. But it seems like they are putting some info out there for people.
    12-26-11 06:36 AM