1. fp_nbl's Avatar
    My free trial ended on Jan 11/2011..

    I decided to upgrade to the premium account, and I have been charged the $4.99 fee.

    However... i can still only play 30 seconds of each song I downloaded during my trial.. and it still says "Upgrade to Premium Account" accross the top... when I try to 'upgrade' again i get an error:

    "Purchase failed, 30222, Customer already has purchased the application"

    When I view Subscription details, it still says i have the trial... i click on 'refresh' and since i recently switched my device i get "you are using another device with this account, would you like to switch your account to this device? 5 out of 5 device switches remain"

    I click yes... and yet still nothing happens.

    How do I get bbm music to work for me?!? getting very frustrated, especially because i am being charged!!

    Thanks, Natalie
    12-29-11 02:08 PM
  2. rafiks's Avatar
    Yah. I don't know whats up with the app. But I have a paid subscription until jan 1. I thought we're suppose to get free 4 months but it keeps asking for me to pay up for the upgrade.
    01-01-12 06:39 AM
  3. ekafara's Avatar
    It's been messed up since I updated it. I can't listen to my friends' songs, only mine. I have no reason to spend the money on the app if the main feature is gone. I contacted RIM through facebook and twitter. The response on twitter was "have you tried a battery pull? Let us know & we can check this out with our tech teams ^GA". Yes, I'm sure a battery pull will fix something like this... The response I got on facebook was to contact my carrier and get put through to RIM. I just got off the phone with my carrier and it started off horribly. They had no idea what the app was that I was talking about. Which isn't their fault, they shouldn't have to deal with this. The woman I talked to did some research while I was on hold and then told me she had to look further into it and will call me back within an hour. I will be ending my subscription if this doesn't start looking good by the end of the day.
    01-02-12 07:03 PM
  4. El Platanero's Avatar
    ok so I'm going through the same issue. There is no way I would call my phone company. mine is asking me to pay which I have no problems doing but it won't take the payment or go on with the free. I'm stuck with the 30 seconds of music. I really hope it is fixed soon.
    01-02-12 08:09 PM
  5. rafiks's Avatar
    ok so I'm going through the same issue. There is no way I would call my phone company. mine is asking me to pay which I have no problems doing but it won't take the payment or go on with the free. I'm stuck with the 30 seconds of music. I really hope it is fixed soon.

    I was able to resubscribe by going to appworld and logging back to Paypal.

    Its unfair though that I have pay for it since everybody else are getting another 4 months free.

    Horrible support from RIM though. I emailed and tweeted. Not a single response.

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    01-03-12 01:08 AM
  6. ekafara's Avatar
    They have some of the worst customer service I've seen. It takes them forever to get back to you, and then give you horrible feedback. They need a number to call! Hopefully we get everything fixed soon.
    01-03-12 05:01 AM
  7. bobby_boy's Avatar
    Hum, a while back I went to the blackberry.com website there was a BBMmusic service help, I got response within the next day, as well as a followup email. ReinstalledBBMmusic subscribed again with credit card, everything worked great! :] good luck!
    01-03-12 09:29 PM
  8. bobby_boy's Avatar
    Second idea, try going to your appworld/ myworld, if your subscribed the bbmmusic should be listed in the subscription header, then try unsubscribing thus cancelling the service, uninstall bbm music, then reinstall bbm music app . If that doesn't work then my next guess maybe to reinstall your phone's operating system (aka clean the slate, and you might get the 30dayor 2months free again) I got the instructions to reinstall the operating system from my service provider it took 30mins though. (My Problem using bb desktop manager, which i copied info from my old9700 to my new 9900 causing transfer of old apps that's didn't work with new phone thus causing myworld to get corrupted.etc.. Anyhow all is fixed after reinstalling operating system and restoring to factory defaults..
    01-03-12 10:02 PM
  9. suzicat's Avatar
    I am having similar problems with it. I was subscribed to Premium with monthly renewal on Jan. 2. Since then it downgraded me to trial and allows me and my contacts only 30 seconds of songs. I sent tweets to @BlackBerryHelp, reported though App World, no response yet.

    To those of you that deleted and reinstalled - did you lose all your contacts and songs and have to start over? I have over 300 contacts and almost 6,000 songs and I hope I don't lose all that and have to start over.
    01-04-12 11:06 AM
  10. suzicat's Avatar
    Update - I deleted and reinstalled BBM Music but I still get a error when I try to upgrade to Premium. I did not lose my contacts. The advice I got from @BlackBerryHelp on Twitter is to contact my carrier and have them connect me to RIM. Will see how that goes...
    01-05-12 12:28 AM
  11. rafiks's Avatar
    Did you go to Appworld and change your payment options? I went there and relogin with Paypal and it worked.


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    01-05-12 04:21 AM
  12. suzicat's Avatar
    It must have been magic or RIM flipped a switch - today sometime when I wasn't looking my BBM Music fixed itself and went to Premium. So I did not have to call vzw/RIM.
    01-06-12 12:46 AM
  13. leejayh's Avatar
    Yeah -I was pissed also. something was not working for me either - after paying, installing, re-installing, etc. But yesterday, they did something and I am BACK!!!!

    I wish BB would not have these snafu's. It is such a great company, with all these little small glitches - just make it look amateurish.
    01-07-12 03:29 PM
  14. jaymck's Avatar
    I received the emial requesting my payment details to continue the free trial and the instructions aren't correct. I also, tried checking site for help and different instructions but they don't work either. BRUTAL
    01-09-12 10:20 AM
  15. rafiks's Avatar
    Got an email and DM telling me that I'm not eligible for the extra 4 months free since I already started with the beta trial. They say its only for the new ones who signed up. :-(

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    01-10-12 02:59 AM
  16. Just Me's Avatar
    The customer service for BBMM is inferior and reflects poorly on RIM as a whole. It took several days to get a response. After trying Twitter, BB forum, in app feedback and the contact link in App world I finally got a response which was not helpful. I reloaded BBMM successfully using the online version of App world on my computer. My subscription worked properly after that.

    I have been using the service for 3 months. One month was free. I paid for the second month but had problems using it for 21 of the 30 days. I am in my 3rd month now and everything is working well. RIM should consider giving me 2 more free months on my subscription. One because they offered a sixty day trial and only delivered 30 days and one because I only received 9 days of service in a paid month due to BlackBerry related technical difficulties.

    Advice to RIM
    I could only imagine the technical challenges that present themselves when launching such an amazing app. Leaving me and other fans hanging for $10 of subsciption fees is a terrible idea. This is your first app which is not free and thus requires more support than free apps like BB Travel do. The level of support you offer is inferior to other paid vendors on App World and it unfortunately reflects on the entire company, including the device side. It has left a significant bad taste in my mouth which I am reminded of everytime I open the app and is certain to return when purchasing my next $600 device. Is $10 that important on an app which as a BB & music enthusiast I am likely to use for years to come.

    PS. Thank you again for the free apps after the blackout. You exceeded expectations there, perhaps I should write the $10 off against the excess of good will from that gesture.
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    01-20-12 12:18 PM