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    Well, I have been using BBM Music for what I believe a couple months now. There was a thread in one of the subforums here on crackberry in which I commented on how I would not be paying the subscription fee when the trial expires. The comment at that time was based on what I was getting out of BlackBerry Music (BBMM). At that time I was engaged in finding new music and looking for a reunion for lost titles. I did find what I was looking for during that first month, but was not happy with the sound quality of the streams. So I stated I was going to go away with the trial.

    Things from my perspective have changed. This platform of music discovery and sharing is highly social and addictive. The quality of the streams have become secondary while the engagement in discovery has taken priority. I now enjoy a platform very well suited to music discovery and have found some great talent to listen to. I now confess I will subscribe to Blackberry Music.

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    01-21-12 04:56 PM
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    Yeah Im going to subscribe as well once my trial expires. So many times ill hear songs that are good and I havent heard in a long time. Or ill receive a invite and when I look at their list I wont recognize one song. But after listening every song is good. There are soo many songs that i never would of known existed before BBMM.
    01-21-12 09:19 PM