03-21-13 08:34 AM
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  1. Sharma15's Avatar
    9900 user and I would LOVE an invite. email is vsharm01@gmail.com
    08-26-11 10:02 PM
  2. nasn55's Avatar
    Post on up to share your BBM Music Invites!

    I would like an invite please...please send it to nasn55@gmail.com...thx!
    08-26-11 10:56 PM
  3. jlyriq's Avatar
    i have 5 invites available!!!!
    freeyo likes this.
    08-26-11 10:56 PM
  4. freeyo's Avatar
    i would like one invite if you would
    08-26-11 11:09 PM
  5. jlyriq's Avatar
    pm me your beta zone email addresses
    08-26-11 11:13 PM
  6. freeyo's Avatar
    sent my beta email
    08-26-11 11:16 PM
  7. R.I.P. Montr
    I would love to get an invite from somebody. I will share any invites I get in the future here as well. Thank you very much.
    08-26-11 11:53 PM
  8. phiftywon's Avatar
    Invite please pin:27FE1493

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    08-27-11 12:36 AM
  9. Scoot's Avatar
    i would like an invite for my 9930 if anyone has an extra one and needs a new friend
    08-27-11 01:37 AM
  10. adel1986's Avatar
    I sent you a PM ... THANKS!!

    Hey guys, I have 4 invites free, first 4 people to pm me their beta zone email will get invited.

    You must have registered on the blackberry beta zone with the email you send me, otherwise you will not receive the email invite.
    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    08-27-11 08:08 AM
  11. fadown's Avatar
    Hey I would really like an Invite too
    08-27-11 08:43 AM
  12. Doxologist's Avatar
    I'd like an invite too and would gladly share some invites here as well.

    I'm an existing beta member...

    Thx/ in advance
    08-27-11 09:23 AM
  13. mattering's Avatar
    I'd like an invite
    08-27-11 09:26 AM
  14. Yuongn's Avatar
    Can I get an invite please ^^
    08-27-11 10:17 AM
  15. beatsandlife's Avatar
    I still haven't received my invite from the beta site what gives?
    Last edited by beatsandlife; 08-27-11 at 10:28 AM. Reason: do I really need a reason?
    08-27-11 10:25 AM
  16. thunderrj's Avatar
    Invite please pin: 2366727C
    08-27-11 10:52 AM
  17. niaya's Avatar
    can i have an invite please
    08-27-11 11:14 AM
  18. RICO7JT's Avatar
    I would appreciate an invite.

    If anyone can share one with me please invite me!
    08-27-11 11:17 AM
  19. choupy's Avatar
    i need invite please 2391BB4A .thanks
    08-27-11 11:39 AM
  20. kccman's Avatar
    I feel like one of those seagulls down at the beach....I could use an invite!
    08-27-11 11:53 AM
  21. saylor01's Avatar
    Please...I need blackberry music
    08-27-11 01:16 PM
  22. R4CH3L.R0S3's Avatar
    I would very much like an invite if anyone has any to spare!
    PM me if you do I would be muchly appreciative
    I am all signed up on the beta zone =]
    08-27-11 01:36 PM
  23. crazy1323's Avatar
    I'd love an invite if someone has any left.
    08-27-11 01:37 PM
  24. yenyob's Avatar
    I'd like one too. pm me if you have one, I'd be a happy guy!
    08-27-11 02:11 PM
  25. organized_mayhem's Avatar
    Looking for one as well. Thanks.
    08-27-11 02:53 PM
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