03-21-13 08:34 AM
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  1. tinny24's Avatar
    Would really appreciate an invite from you... Not sure how u send them, think u invite through bbm my pin is 27F4E63D

    Thanks in advance

    QUOTE=will_0708;6616518]I got accepted last night, still new to the whole BB experience. Think I have a couple of invites, how to I send them to people?[/QUOTE]

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    08-26-11 02:15 AM
  2. will_0708's Avatar
    sent, lets see what happens
    08-26-11 02:24 AM
  3. rdy78's Avatar
    can anyone send me an invite please pin:3229703A thx in advance...
    08-26-11 02:34 AM
  4. tinny24's Avatar
    Its an ivite to register, thanks I have now registered waiting for a space to free up

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    08-26-11 02:37 AM
  5. daveshiz's Avatar
    yes please if any going ??
    08-26-11 02:40 AM
  6. kbill1984's Avatar
    An invite would be greatly appreciated.
    08-26-11 02:50 AM
  7. ibiza.ben's Avatar
    Can I have an invite please, pin: 235e89d0
    08-26-11 03:00 AM
  8. mingwu1231's Avatar
    I really want one... however, i am in Australia ...
    btw my pin is 27EF0009
    08-26-11 03:21 AM
  9. dkenpachi's Avatar
    nice already a betazone member but need an invite would someone so kindly msg me ?
    08-26-11 03:24 AM
  10. sandy4u1234's Avatar
    I'll like to have an invite too...

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    08-26-11 04:30 AM
  11. sandy4u1234's Avatar

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    08-26-11 04:39 AM
  12. sandy4u1234's Avatar

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    08-26-11 04:40 AM
  13. atuarre's Avatar
    Once an invite is sent what is the turnaround time to receive it? Is it instant? Does it take a few days?
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    08-26-11 05:40 AM
  14. scootnyinzer's Avatar
    I am interested in BBMusic. Need testers? Got an 8900 now, but mind have a 9900 next week
    08-26-11 05:46 AM
  15. mikelurizar's Avatar
    I want one!!
    08-26-11 06:27 AM
  16. Restrictive's Avatar
    Friendly people send me an invite.
    PM For Details neccessary
    08-26-11 07:20 AM
  17. orenzai's Avatar
    I wan an invite thanks
    08-26-11 07:35 AM
  18. hayito1's Avatar
    I want an invite too!!!
    08-26-11 08:08 AM
  19. nico2004's Avatar
    me too please
    08-26-11 08:23 AM
  20. exwindchaser's Avatar
    I'm running a contest where I'm giving away the invites I got.
    08-26-11 08:34 AM
  21. cyberoid's Avatar
    Can I please get an invite

    08-26-11 08:35 AM
  22. Thebigo3d's Avatar
    Can I get in on this still?
    08-26-11 08:38 AM
  23. choupy's Avatar
    invite me please 21972050 im from paris
    08-26-11 08:53 AM
  24. chickenman23's Avatar
    I would like an invite if anyone has an extra that they can give up. Don't know what info is needed. PM me and I will get it to you. Thanks in advance.
    08-26-11 08:56 AM
  25. jshmbly's Avatar
    If any one has an invite for me i would appreciate it. thanks
    08-26-11 09:07 AM
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