03-21-13 08:34 AM
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  1. derrickinms's Avatar
    i would like an invite please.

    10-17-11 05:18 PM
  2. umbrau44's Avatar
    I got an invite but no keycode.....................Right got keycode but it wont let me paste it anyone help me out here
    No menu with paste? Sometimes holding shift and clicking the trackpad will work.

    I have invites in the Beta Zone for BBM Music. If anyone wants one, please let me know your email address (via PM or PIN). If you're already a beta zone member, please send the email address you are using there.


    It seems my invites have disappeared from Beta Zone. If they come back, I'll let you guys know.
    Last edited by umbrau44; 10-18-11 at 02:55 PM. Reason: Invites not used but gone?
    10-18-11 12:51 PM
  3. stacym75's Avatar
    I would love a BBM music invite.


    10-18-11 03:32 PM
  4. spock970's Avatar
    Post on up to share your BBM Music Invites!
    Hi even I would love to have an invite!! wonder if it works in UAE? still please send me an invite could try!! Thankyou!!!
    10-19-11 05:35 AM
  5. Heather1103's Avatar
    Had BBM music for awhile now and still haven't played with it too much to really enjoy it like some. Guess I need friends to really start getting music after the original 50 I'm supposed to pick. SOO..add me! 22D8A206
    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    10-20-11 05:41 PM
  6. OneofLittleHarmony's Avatar
    My pin is 32A48CC8 and I would love an invite if anyone had one to spare. =)

    Thank you!
    10-21-11 04:09 AM
  7. kazekaine's Avatar
    im os5 n bbm6 can anyone spare me a invite plz
    10-21-11 06:06 AM
  8. Ashleymay108's Avatar
    My pin is 22D667A2 - if anyone has an invite they would like to share

    If so...I love you!

    10-21-11 06:53 PM
  9. PR1MO1's Avatar
    Would love an invite: thomsonp83@gmail.com
    10-22-11 12:44 AM
  10. fea_god's Avatar
    Would like an invite. Thanks!
    10-22-11 05:54 PM
  11. daveip's Avatar
    would like an invite please


    10-23-11 10:31 AM
  12. ArcticRift's Avatar
    Hallo all

    Would be awesome if someone could send me an invite please tobiasv@live.co.za


    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    10-24-11 06:24 PM
  13. amanda.m.tietsort's Avatar
    10-24-11 06:46 PM
  14. amanda.m.tietsort's Avatar
    Would like to say thank you for the invite. Now I'm confused about the keycode...does it come in an email?
    10-24-11 09:21 PM
  15. campeon's Avatar
    Hey guys I would really appreciate an invite!


    Thanks a lot!
    10-24-11 09:39 PM
  16. chevydudesixty9's Avatar
    i would love an invite!
    10-25-11 04:20 AM
  17. Odawg2103's Avatar
    Does anyone have an invite I can have.


    Thanks in advance
    10-25-11 08:57 PM
  18. xozi's Avatar
    Kinda brand new on the forum on account that I've just purchased my first BlackBerry, however, I thought I'd try my luck and ask for one of these invites

    xozi@live.com (surely this would help lol)
    10-26-11 07:38 AM
  19. AugustArborists's Avatar
    I'll give it a try if someone will send me an invite.

    10-26-11 08:45 AM
  20. Blackberry_boffin's Avatar
    Still got two invites.
    PM me.
    10-26-11 11:02 AM
  21. karaya1's Avatar
    Still got two invites.
    PM me.
    I'd love one. Brainbradley@googlemail.com

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    10-26-11 11:44 AM
  22. indratujuh's Avatar
    would love if someone could send me a bbm music invite
    10-26-11 04:22 PM
  23. herewego05's Avatar
    Help me out please?
    10-27-11 12:02 AM
  24. Fruitini's Avatar
    I would love to try it out too please if theres any invites left.

    BBM - 28574E29

    10-27-11 05:35 AM
  25. ArnoFR's Avatar
    I also would like one, if possible...


    Thanks in advance.
    10-27-11 07:06 AM
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