1. cherimoya's Avatar
    changes in tos. dont just scroll down and clk ok.

    item12: advertising you agree to ads within bbm.
    i dont believe a paid service should also serve me ads. sorry.im outta here. .
    02-24-12 01:12 PM
  2. kb5zht's Avatar
    Wow I didn't read that, ads should appear only in a free version.... But a paid service? Kiss bbmm's future good bye.

    I was using it until they start to charge (april 10th according to my bbmm), but I just got an update claiming I had to give them payment info NOW or I will be dropped to 30 second tracks (tho I won't be charged until april 11).

    Well, I'm outta here now too I guess as bbmm just doesn't offer enough to warrant $5/month. I already subscribe to slacker premium that offers unlimited music (not 50 songs with 25 swaps a month) and the music selection and features outnumber that of bbmm almost exponentially. I will check back in 6 months or more to see if rim has seen thr light but if no improvements have been made, asta lavista baybeeeee.....
    03-12-12 02:02 PM
  3. Oncastillo's Avatar
    I have not seen any ads!
    Anyone else have?
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    03-13-12 11:52 AM
  4. aminrajabi's Avatar
    There are no ads in BBM Music.

    I'm confused as to what the OPs intention is with this post when you can easily see there are no ads when you are in the app.
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    03-15-12 09:55 PM
  5. dusdal's Avatar

    I have never seen an ad in bbmm, and I've been using it consistently for about 6 months.

    IMHO, slacker doesn't even come close to BBM Music. I've got immediate access to 13000+ songs by adding people from the newsfeed tab and can choose what I want to listen to, when I want to, whether it's a specific album, artist, genre etc etc.

    Unless you pay for slacker premium you don't get that. Soooo slacker isn't free either. Plus all the other beautiful goodies for this app.


    sorry about the caps, but this fact doesn't seem to get through too easily...
    04-03-12 10:46 AM
  6. Bulldawg's Avatar
    Maybe if the paid service has ads, I'll consider leaving. But just because it's in the TOS? No.

    BTW, BBM Music suffers from RIM's unbelievably poor marketing effort. It's amazing people still think it's limited to 50 songs--especially here on Crackberry.

    On the flip side, maybe they're adding ads to the free service so you can listen to full songs for free.
    04-06-12 08:54 AM