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    Me meeting BBM Music = That Family Guy episode when Quagmuire was introduced to porn.

    I have never lisened to music on my phone.....now I can't stop.

    Like almost everyone, I have an iPod. Bought it...transfered my CDs, spend a few hundred on songs, and....and....get bored.

    What I LOVE about BBM music is:

    1. The ease of adding new BBM contacts. Also, no need to worry about unwanted SPAM. BBM Music contacts are there for BBM Music only - unless you want to add them to your normal contacts. I live in Mexico, but have Music contacts from around the world.....with about the same level of effort it took me to dial a phone number.

    2. Those - like me - that pick their 50 songs as if they were meant to be the only songs they could listen to for the rest of their lives. Eclectic, meaningful, quirky....and a blast to listen to. For someone that has put great thought in picking their music, it is like listening to a photo album of someone's life. Some individual playlists have kept me entertained for hours. Classics that I haven't listened to in years, mixed in with some rap, opera, funk, ect ect.

    This is what makes this service unique. Sure, there are those that stick with the top 50, and that's OK too, but with BBM Music, I'm being introduced to, and re-aquainted with, outstanding music that I wouldn't have thought to listen to on my own.

    It's like a pot luck dinner.....and more often than not, I LOVE the meal.

    .....Except for the Emenem guy. All 50 songs. Emenem. I made it up to the forth song only.

    Anyhow, BBM music makes picking up my phone, when I have the time to listen to music, like an entertainment adventure.

    If you have an open mind, it's great...

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    My take is, the implementation is fantastic, the social aspect is catchy, but the audio quality of the audio stream files are poor. Compressed stream audio files are not know to reproduce music well, but here you have even a poor example of a stream. I would like to see better audio, if not, the novelty of BBM Music will get old very soon.

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