08-18-13 11:25 PM
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    My PIN is 32FD1292 if anyone wants to share. I am a musician (drummer/Jazz Vibes) and pretty much into music for musicians. I am into Jazz, anything with complex rhythms and harmonies. Afro Cuban influence is my main interest. But if it grooves period, I am interested. Especially if the bass player is laying it down hard.

    Instrumental stuff only, mostly.

    Horacio El Negro Hernandez (drummer):
    Only With Me
    90 Miles to Miles
    A Night in Torino

    Dapp Theory: (any of you drummers -- Sean Rickman is da bomb!)
    Only Clave
    Trickle Down
    In the Moment

    Carribean Jazz Project:
    One Step Ahead

    Garaj Mahal: (more from Sean Rickman on drums. Funky)

    Dave Valentin:
    Afro Blue

    Al Dimeola:

    Charlie Hunter:
    Greasy Granny
    Mighty Mighty

    Stanton Moore: (drummer.. from New Orleans)
    Sprung Monkey

    Steely Dan:
    Kid Charlemagne

    That's all so far.
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    You know any of you app devs. Once BBM Music goes live an app that auto exports the song lists for CrackBerry would be a cool app!

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    10-15-11 07:56 PM
  3. lomed7724's Avatar
    Hey all,
    I like all kinds of music! shoot me an add and tell me you saw it here to share music! pin:32FFED90
    11-07-11 07:39 PM
  4. Oncastillo's Avatar
    PIN: 25D95BE3
    I will change songs after next week and update the list.

    My List:

    Barrington Levy:
    Here I Come
    Live Good
    Living Dangerously
    Here I Come (Remix)
    Under Mi Sensi (Remix)
    Give Me Your Love

    Beenie Man:
    Ole Dawg

    Buju Banton:
    Bonafide Love
    Red Rose
    Tribal War
    A Little More Time

    Busta Rhymes:
    Arab Money (Dirty)

    Cutty Ranks:
    A Who Seh Ne Dun

    Daddy Yankee Ft. Tony Dize:
    La Despedida

    Your Love

    DJ Khaled:
    I'm On One

    Don Omar:

    Jay Z and Kanye West:
    Ni**as In Paris
    Big Pimpin'

    Kanye West:Power

    Lil Wayne:
    6 Foot 7 Foot

    Maelo Ruiz:
    Te Necesito Mi Amor

    Mr. Vegas:
    Hot Gal Today

    Nicky Jam:
    Yo No Soy Tu Marido (Remix)

    Romeo Santos:

    Sean Paul:
    Get Busy
    I'm Still In Love With You
    Like Glue

    Spragga Benz:
    Wi Nuh Like
    She Nuh Ready Yet

    Super Cat:
    Ghetto Red Hot
    Dem No Worry We

    Tanto Metro & Devonte:
    Everyone Falls In Love
    Say Wooee

    Tanya Stephens:

    Tego Calderon:
    Pegaito a la Pared

    Tito El Bambino:

    Trebol Clan:
    En La Disco Apreta

    11-15-11 09:50 AM
  5. Litt3's Avatar
    I like good rock. alternative. grunge metal.
    our rockabilly

    11-20-11 03:46 PM
  6. JamesCarter7's Avatar
    Hip Hop - Drake, Rick Ross, Fabolous, Busta Rymes, Jay-z Kanye, Nicki minj

    Pop - Britney Spears, Avril Lavene, Rihanna, Katie Perry, Black Eye Peas

    Alternative - Cold play, nickleback, third eye blind, Incubus, audio slave

    there is way more to list but this is just a jist of what i bump
    11-25-11 12:19 PM
  7. ChrisLloyd's Avatar
    An updated list of my tunes; this is of course susceptible to change but such is the idea of the app.

    12-21-11 06:03 AM
  8. Jonathan-Archer's Avatar
    Is there a way to export your list? Also, I mainyl have Bee Gees songs and some Mark Knopfler and Bob Dylan. Add me if you like that music too!

    12-21-11 04:36 PM
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    Here's my current list, all 50:

    PIN: 32fe3aab
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    12-28-11 01:41 PM
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    I love the idea of bbmususic here is my list add me if you want I have mostly punk social distortion,the clash,sex pistols. - have some rem songs some country sons of bill, shaver , waylon jennings.
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  11. _my_BBM's Avatar
    Hello Crackberry users!

    I have set up a twitter account to try and help us all expand our BBM Music libraries! All you need to do to get involved is,

    Follow @_my_BBM
    Send us your pin along with a brief description of the music you have to share
    We then create a QR Code and tweet your information for our followers to see
    By searching "#_my_BBMshare" you will be able to see a list of music sharers and add according to genre!

    That is the plan anyway. Trouble is we need more participants. I'm willing to put the work in. Check us out @_my_BBM

    09-26-12 02:15 PM
  12. kevintobar's Avatar
    12-28-12 12:07 PM
  13. dallltho's Avatar
    Add me to your BBM Music. I love everything. PIN 3336A283
    03-21-13 09:06 AM
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    Some one know where can i buy this song?
    08-18-13 11:25 PM
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