1. davefromcm's Avatar
    I am a beta user of the BBM music service. In my opinion, until they get more music (no Beatles!!!!) on the service and a critical number of users so that I can actually share with someone, it will not take off.

    On the positive side, if you are one of the first Beta Users, search "Critical Mass" for the album "Grasping for Hope in the Darkness". That is my band and that is me singing. Stream "Carry On Wayward Son" if you want something familiar to add to your playlist!

    Can someone email me their contact email so I can try to share some music? This is boring with no one else in my social circle with BBM music. Not many in my social circle have the patience to go through the beta user installation process either.
    09-03-11 07:54 AM
  2. Mastajeet's Avatar
    use my pin, you'll have access to my contact list afterward
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    09-03-11 02:31 PM