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    I got an e-mail from RIM's BETA, so I just downloaded BBM Music.

    So I do understand the jest of it, but I just have a few questions...

    1. How do I send invites to people to join?

    2. How can I see other people's music?

    3. How can I make sure the music is actually downloaded on my phone so that I don't stream every time I want to listen, (or is that impossible?)

    09-20-11 09:23 AM
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    Hi and welcome to BBM Music.

    1) To start off finding friends I would suggest looking through the threads on this forum. A few people have posted their PINs. You can use them to add them as contacts. Once you have a few contacts, you will be able to see if they add new contacts in the recent updates. You can then request them as contacts as well. It doesn't take long to reach the limit of 200

    2) You can look at the music your contacts have and also their playlists. You can then add the songs to your own library or you can just add them to a playlist - adding them to a playlist will count towards the 50 songs allowed. However if your contact deletes the song you will not be able to play it. So if you want to make sure you always have it available you should add it to your own list of 50.

    3) You can set in the options if you want to stream over WiFi and Cellular or just WiFi. I have mine set to only WiFi, so I don't use my dataplan up. You can cache any song in your library and in your playlist. Menu click on the song and in the menu an option to "cache" song will appear. This will download the song to your device and you can play it without streaming it. The program will automatically check if any of the songs you have are available on the device, so if you have it set to WiFi only, the program will only play the songs already cached - Pretty neat. If a song is already cached the menu option will be "remove from cache" instead.
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    09-20-11 10:28 AM
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    Thank you so much.
    09-20-11 11:28 AM
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    I installed BBM Music but don't see an icon to open it anywhere on my phone?!?

    I also went into BBM Options but didn't see anything BBM Music related there... what am I missing? Thanks!
    09-21-11 02:12 PM
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    When I first installed it the icon was in the Downloads folder (OS5).

    The BBM options won't show up until you run BBM Music the first time. Part of the setup is the BBM integration.
    09-21-11 02:27 PM