1. BelowZero's Avatar
    Anyways, I have 4 More to give, so again first come first serve. PLEASE PM ME with your EMAIL. This email should be the same one you are going to use to sign up with or already signed up with Beta Zone. For those who havent signed up once you get the invite, follow the instructions in the invite email. Thanks again.

    If you want to add me to BBM Music after you started then my pin is 27FD60F0
    09-11-11 12:35 AM
  2. Iag48st's Avatar
    PM, thanks !!!!!!
    09-11-11 03:09 AM
  3. powellcrazy's Avatar
    PM sent, thanks
    09-11-11 09:12 AM
  4. jaylew's Avatar
    PM sent too, thanks alot
    09-11-11 09:18 AM
  5. thepinkcurve's Avatar
    Will send you a pm thanks
    09-11-11 09:38 AM
  6. stevobbm's Avatar
    could i have an invite?

    Thanks in advance.

    09-11-11 10:39 AM
  7. JerzieBarbie's Avatar
    uraqt46@gmail.com please and thanks
    09-11-11 10:47 AM
  8. BelowZero's Avatar
    I have 3 more to give away. first 3 to hit me up on BBM gets one. my pin is 27fd60f0
    09-11-11 12:57 PM
  9. BelowZero's Avatar
    1 left...............
    09-11-11 02:24 PM
  10. BelowZero's Avatar
    Done, AGAIN. I sent emails to everyone with instructions. Should of gotten that alteast by now. See ya laters
    09-11-11 02:49 PM
  11. chelledxb's Avatar
    You still have 1 left? I'd love an invite!
    09-12-11 02:05 AM
  12. stelioskokk's Avatar
    Hey guys i really need a bbm music invite ,,her is my pin 25FA0FE0 ,
    09-14-11 07:16 AM