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    I have the beta which expires on 11/10. I'm still on the fence with paying $5 per month for it. With the most recent update, a message blew by about being billed on the 10th. I'm not clear if there's an explicit opt-out option that - need to do so I don't get billed. Or do I just fire it up after the 10th and it will tell me I need to approve billing.
    11-08-11 10:14 AM
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    According to the current User Guide for BBM Music, these are the steps:

    How do I cancel BBM Music Premium?

    You can cancel your BBM Music Premium account at any point after entering your payment details. Press the Menu key > Options. Click Account Information > Cancel.
    Let us know if this doesn't work.


    1. Your trial should start automatically but only after your beta period ends. That's what the beta documentation said.

    2. There is nothing for you to "cancel" until you've actually submitted payment details. Basically, if you never submit a payment method, your BBM Music Account will be downgraded to "Preview Account" which will let you look at your and your friends' playlists but you will only be able to play 30-second previews. Also, it sounds like that they will automatically clear your stuff out if you don't access your BBM Music account at all for a period of time.
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