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    Now that BBM Music is out in Beta (been a couple of weeks), its time to wonder what magic RIM could do with it. Personally, It's my top app. I use it every hour! got loads of friends on it (even though most of my friends on BBM arent even aware of BBM Music).Basically, Its a hit! I see it as the YouTube of music world. Which brings me to the whole point of this thread, The Future of BBM Music. So we have a hit platform, where to now? There are endless possibilities with BBM Music. Here are some of them, which I feel have a high chance of coming true within the next few months.

    1) Radio Stations on BBM Music - Maybe, every radio station would want their own profile on BBM Music, so that they are more connected to their fans. Maybe RIM will allow people to create different types of profiles (like fan pages on facebook). Maybe radio Stations would want to set up their own Top 10 chart on BBM Music (you never know )

    2) BBM Music competitions - Maybe music channels/radio stations would host competitions and play the best playlist on TV/radio. This would be great for BBM Music as everyone would want to keep their playlist updated and will try to be creative.

    3) The guy with the awesome playlist - Ever had a Facebook friend who always had awesome status updates? Well, this might just happen in BBM Music. Maybe there will be people who will constantly keep their playlist updated. As BBM Music also offers a feature that shows the number of times your song has been played, this option seems highly likely.

    4) More BBM updates - As BBM updates will be shown on the "homepage", people will start updating their statuses more frequently. This is definitely going to happen, you know it

    5) A Mini Social network - Maybe this will become sort of a social network? who knows?

    Let me know what you think in the comments section!
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    09-04-11 01:20 AM
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    Awesome to see you're loving BBM Music too. I'm loving it as well. Not sure where it'll go from here on your ideas above, but one thing I'd love to see within the current context is better discovery of Playlists within your contacts.

    For example, tonight my gf had a bunch of girlfriends over. I DJ'd the party on my BlackBerry. She hates my music, so I flicked through my contacts... came to Doug Soltys' name. When I first added Doug I browsed his music so remembered he had a few songs in there that were sort of my gf's type of music. I checked out his Playlists. Sure enough he had two Playlists made that looked good for the occasions... Tone's Indie Tunes, and Pop Shiz. Both had like 18 songs or so on the lists. I hit Shuffle on the Indie one first... HUGE hit with the ladies... and then switched to the Pop one which was also a huge hit. From there I took some requests from the audience, didn't have them in my network but was able to find them in the catalog and add to my list instantly. Turned out to be a great night of music thanks to BBM Music.

    The only issue with above is that to discover Playlists right now, I have to go into a contact and look at their Playlists (and a lot of people don't even have Playlists). What I would like would be one screen that shows all Playlists available to me within my network, and their popularity. That would make it soo easy to find Music for the night, for working out, etc. etc. Assuming individuals do a good job of labeling of course.

    But anyways, loving BBM Music. Hope it continues to get pick up, and hope RIM does keep working to improve it further.
    09-04-11 02:01 AM
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    Here's a couple ideas:

    1. We should be able to review music/playlists/people via the web. Even if we can't stream to the web - why not a web UI for discovery of top playlists, users, etc. Naturally have all the proper privacy disclosures in place.

    2. Top shared lists, most popular, highest rated - these should all be displayed on the device if not online.

    3. Stream playlists both on device and online via the web.
    09-04-11 06:56 AM
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    CrackBerry Kevin - you might wanna come back to this thread after two months and see if I predicted right. I bet at least 3 of the 5 that I mentioned would come true!

    mas90guru - Those do sound like good add-ons! have ou submitted them at beta zone?
    09-04-11 08:51 AM
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    I really think bbm music can be something just needs to add a couple more things and change some features

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    09-09-11 01:55 PM