1. etlahrs's Avatar
    I have tried to cancel my BBM Music subscription through both App World and the application and get an error in both areas. In App World, it just stated there was an error and could not cancel the subscription. In BBM Music, i get the error Id: 31600.

    When I submit a support ticket by selecting "Get Support" in App World, it won't submit saying my PIN in invalid.

    I tried posting this in the BlackBerry support forums, but so far have only gotten confirmation from 1 other person that it is happening to them as well.

    Anyone else experience this and/or know how to remedy the issue.

    08-23-12 08:23 AM
  2. etlahrs's Avatar
    I found a way around it. I logged into App World via my PC with my phone connected and went to the subscriptions tab, then canceled there. I got the confirmation email of the cancelation, i received it 7 times, but that is better than when i couldn't cancel.
    09-14-12 08:18 AM