1. Nabooy's Avatar
    Everytime I try and launch the application I keep on getting this error as it is my first time I'm downloading BBM Music.

    "Account couldn't be registered. Unable to retrieve service configuration. (R500)"

    Is there any idea what could be the problem here?

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    09-26-11 06:23 PM
  2. red9930's Avatar
    use wifi, my data plan sucks... i also had that problem , but after using wifi connection if entered.
    10-03-11 03:56 AM
  3. chiripio's Avatar
    What country are you in?
    10-05-11 12:19 AM
  4. chiripio's Avatar
    error R500 means you are not in usa /uk
    10-23-11 08:49 AM
  5. Masnor's Avatar
    I'm gettin that message after upgrading the OS.

    new OS

    i tried uninstalling and reinstalling BBMM. same message
    i tried getting into BBM and showing my location It sees USA. same BBMM message.

    it took a long time to get a code for BBMM. it was working. i had about 5 songs.

    Too bad.

    Tulsa, OK US
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    11-01-11 08:34 AM