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    I'm using BB Work with UEM for my work email on my iPhone
    Running the latest version, iOS 12.3.1

    I've always been able to get push notifications successfully for both email and meetings.

    However, as of yesterday afternoon (without me making any changes to my phone settings, app settings, privacy settings, etc.) push notifications for emails stopped - I now only receive meeting alerts.

    I've confirmed that notification settings both in my iPhone's Settings>Notifications and in BB Work application itself are on (and in the application, I've got them on for both meetings and email), so I'm not sure how to resolve this.

    I've tried Googling this for over an hour to no avail - all the results explain how to turn notifications in general on and off, but there's nothing I've found that explains why it might not be working for email push notifications while continuing to work for meeting push notifications (which makes it super weird because it means it's not an issue with my iPhone's ability to push notifications, nor even with the BB Work app's ability to do so, since it can still notify of meetings).

    Things I've tried after I verified that notification settings are correct:

    1. Confirmed that colleagues using iPhones and set up the same way are able to receive push notifications of email (indicates it's not likely a server-side issue)
    2. Rebooted my phone
    3. Uninstalled and reinstalled BB UEM and BB Work

    Someone please help!
    05-31-19 08:49 PM

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