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    I can see how to update my channel on the Web with my old BB10 but now I've been forced to switch using bbmtek the Website doesn't allow me to log in

    Can it be done this way anymore?

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    01-31-18 02:46 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Sure. When the site works. It has a bad habit of going down and just throwing errors. Seems to be working at the moment. How recently did you change from BB10? Might not have switched over for you yet. The other thing you can try is clearing your cookies and cache related to the site. It also has a habit of getting stuck in loops, so clearing your cookies an cache removes the loop.
    01-31-18 02:55 PM
  3. aellis5's Avatar
    thanks for your reply, I've had lots of problems creating a new bbm account, the app wouldn't give me an option to create a new one as the upgrade would try and log me in using my BB10 credentials which as you know bbmtek have stopped you switching.

    So after all that, I finally managed to create a new account this week... The website asks for an email address, but with the new account it's using my phone number, never asked for an email address. This means when I try and log in online it says that the email address doesn't exist.

    If I do put my email address it logs me into my BB10 account.

    many thanks in advance
    01-31-18 03:05 PM
  4. aellis5's Avatar
    Was wondering if there is a different site to log into when your ID is your phone number and not email address?
    02-06-18 04:42 AM
  5. aellis5's Avatar
    Wow, how BBM has fallen. So I couldn't use my BBID on my Android as they have now switched over to mtek completely, didn't tell anyone, they just did it, so I had to delete the old channels I had and create a new BBID. created the channels again and have been populating (no subscribers yet ) now after nearly 10 emails each reply almost completely unrelated to my question, I have an answer. I need to delete my BBID and start again, only this time using my email address as my BBID. it's the only way it will work.

    “Thank you for contacting us, to login into the channel requires a BBID email address, we suggest you create a new BBID using your email address.”

    Third time lucky....

    Update!!! That failed as well, it says my email address is still in use (from my BB10) despite not being able to transfer it to my Android device, so unless I create a brand new email address especially for BBM I can't access my channels via the Website. I did however change my BlackBerry ID on my BB10 device by using my work email address, however the site still says my email address is in use, though technically it's not. FYI I'm not going to create a new email address, think I'll put this whole thing to a lost cause.
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    02-15-18 04:46 AM

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