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    So, I had gone from a Z30 to a Priv a couple years ago. After five months, I bought a Passport SE. The reason: Google Now and Bluetooth dialing.
    Note, I ALWAYS use by bluetooth headset, NEVER the car's audio system.
    Specific pattern:
    Add contact's conference phone line number into address book as an 'other' number. This number WILL have all pauses, extensions/bridge numbers, and end in a # sign.
    Activate the phone and say "Call (insert name here) other"
    On OS7 and BB10 (QNX) the response is to dial the number, all the way through, correctly. While the phone is in my holster. Walking or driving, I never have to take the phone out or touch the screen.
    On 6.0.1 (Priv) Google now would dial the number, but take all pauses between the number and bridge number out, rendering the call useless. To get around this, I would have to unlock the phone, call up the number (via bluetooth or contacts directly) then press the phone to dial it. Since at the time none of my cars had bluetooth dialing, this required me to pull to the side of the road while driving, or taking the phone out as I was walking somewhere (generally with my hands full).
    Fast forward to this year. Both my two daughters have newer phones one an iPhone 8 and the other a Galaxy S8.
    Test results:
    iPhone 8 dials it correctly, all hands free, BUT .... Stops at the last # sign and requires me to touch the screen.
    S8 (On 8.X OS) - I was unable to get this to work! The phone prompted for Google or Bixby - I chose Google and after that it never responded to bluetooth audio commands!
    So, who else uses their phone in the way I do? If so, how is the Key 2 (Or any other Android 8.X or 9.X phone for that matter) working for them?
    iPhone is a non-starter given the test results.
    Otherwise, I'll be buying another Passport to replace my suddenly dead one and hope things improve in early 2020.

    Other notes:
    AT&T doesn't properly support OS7 anymore, so my old Torch won't work for more than calls and texting. I cannot access any accounts to connect for Calendar functionality, and running around with my tablet tethered via Hotspot is rediculous.
    My white Z30 looks perfect but won't boot (dropped it face-down and instantly stopped working), and I found it got laggy once I really started running my work email through its paces. Loved my Passport, but the passport died after it was knocked off a counter with the charging cable still plugged in - on the charging jack. Less than 15 minutes later, the battery dropped from 40% to 25 % and when I plugged it into a fast charging battery pack, both wigged out. Battery bank is still wigging out when put to use, and the phone won't boot after I tried to restart it. No power on the phone when plugged into any charger now.

    Thanks in advance!
    Dave R.
    03-22-19 05:58 PM
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    Update: I added Google Assistant to my Priv (it's actually my wife's phone now), and Google Assistant will NEVER dial anyone's "other" contact phone number when I press it on the phone! At least Google Now would dial it for you, even if it did take all pauses away. It would even show it on the screen so I could press it. I have validated the behavior is the same on Bluetooth. This is now worse than before. If this is the case, can anyone recommend a different dialer that actually works? Or, do they have good luck with a phone manufacturer that has their own dialing tools (LG/Samsung/HTC/Sony)
    Dave R
    03-22-19 09:31 PM
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    Continuing Priv testing, via Bluetooth only. Google Assistant will NOT dial a pager number either! When I ask "Show Dave R Pager number", I get a generic Internet search. When I ask it to "show Dave R contact" it searches the Internet!
    www lifewire com/top-google-assistant-and-google-home-commands-4158256
    and C-net's how-to/complete-list-of-ok-google-commands/ resulted in me trying "Call Dave R". Instead of it asking me which phone number I wanted to dial, it defaulted to my work number!
    However, when I ask Google Assistant to send a text message to Dave R, it asks me which number to text to. Really!?!?!?
    At least it works with BBM...

    Maybe I should be asking everyone instead:
    How long will Blackberry be supporting Voice Dialing on a Passport or Z30? Because if the only thing going away after November 2019 is Blackberry World, I can live with that. If they disable voice dialing as well, then I'm stuck with defaulting my Torch 9810 (Which has local Nuance) or touching a screen (aka Apple).
    How can Google offer an assistant that doesn't work for those who use it in a manner consistent with ADA rules?!?!?
    This is frustrating since Android is on version 8 (going on 9) of their OS. My 2011 Torch does better than this!
    03-22-19 09:50 PM
  4. daverosi's Avatar
    I got my Passport working again, but I figure I need to get everything ported to Gmail or Yahoo. Regardless, I need to figure out how to make dialing work on Android or I'll be buying a couple spare Passports and using them until Blackberry drops the remote assistant service (which hasn't been announced yet as far as I can tell) since they actually work like phones.
    On the Android front, the probability of taking each conference line and putting them in as separate contacts is the only choice available I can see.
    03-26-19 09:25 PM

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