1. RakacKey2's Avatar
    finally solved and understood EXACT PROBLEM with bbm voice call NOT RINGING (ringtone doesn't start).
    It happends on my KEY2 everytime, when someone calls me, there is no ringtone at all (profile is set to ring, all notifications too).
    What happends is, that if I receive BBM notification, (bbm message), or ANY OTHER notification that has a sound (email, sms message), if bbm voice call follows in next 5-10 seconds, there IS a Ringtone!!! If more time passes, bbm doesn't play ringtone!! I believe this is because once notification sound is received (any notification), notification system is started and before it closes itself, if bbm voice call comes, ringtone will sound, and if notification system (trigered by any notification sound) closes, bbm voice call will not make ringtone sound!
    Please let me know what you think of this issue!!!
    I am using key2 android 8.0.1
    08-07-18 09:31 AM
  2. RakacKey2's Avatar
    Update: If ANY sound is active (music, youtube, anything), bbm voice call RINGTONE will sound, so definetely BBM voice call doesn't sound its ringtone , 3 seconds after any sound from any other app or notification...is finished... Conclusion - bbm voice call does NOT start sound unless there was another sound on the phone LESS than 3 sec ago.
    Anyone!?? help?
    08-07-18 09:41 AM
  3. RakacKey2's Avatar
    update fixed this problem
    08-09-18 07:11 AM

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