1. melb_me's Avatar
    Ok. I have a large selection of CD's. I want to get them on to my Z10. Is Microsoft serious about their "Music player" (Windows 7)
    There are like zero options in the thing and whatever metadata it is putting in the files appears to be unusable or "not in the right spot" for the Z10. Does anybody know the proper format for music files for the Z10? (metadata) ID3v1?, ID3v2?, proprietary?? After spending like 6 hours with itunes, Windows Media Player and some other programs its clear the people that own these companies do not care about the consumer at all. It's just a complete free for all.
    03-06-13 11:00 AM
  2. lou2969's Avatar
    After you rip the cd,s
    Try to use the desktop link for the transfer to the z10

    Posted using my Z10 and CB10
    03-06-13 11:46 AM
  3. melb_me's Avatar
    Yes that all works, but windows media player only rips to wave files and the descriptions it applies to the songs are all screwy on the Z10.
    03-06-13 12:44 PM
  4. nikgilbe's Avatar
    WMP will rip to whatever format you tell it to. Had no issues with all my CDs

    Posted via CB10
    03-06-13 12:47 PM
  5. melb_me's Avatar
    Ack! Was using it through Windows Media Center...no way to get to settings that way. OK got the format working.....hopefully the song info will work.
    03-06-13 01:08 PM
  6. nikgilbe's Avatar
    Cool. It all works for me so fingers crossed. Got 20gb of CDs on my phone

    Posted via CB10
    03-06-13 01:09 PM
  7. saxxman's Avatar
    Dbpoweramp is the awesome ripper program...FYI

    Posted via CB10
    03-23-13 03:59 PM
  8. djenkins6's Avatar
    Media monkey works great for me.

    Posted via CB10
    03-23-13 04:01 PM
  9. saxxman's Avatar
    Media Monkey is good too

    Posted via CB10
    03-23-13 07:17 PM
  10. FSeverino's Avatar
    just transfer the songs through usb mass storage. MUCH easier
    03-24-13 12:00 AM
  11. saxxman's Avatar
    NOTE: Was trying to load my music. Have my Ipod library filled with ALAC files. (Apple Lossless) They show up as .mp4. No go, Z10 can't translate. So I tried some FLAC files and awesome!!! I usually rip CD's and download HiDef (Lossless) files for my main "Master music library". After which I create 1...A Master ALAC folder for my ipod. (Ipod won't play FLAC files) and 2...A Master Mp3 folder, for other uses.
    What people should know is that Mp3 is dying and should just go directly to a grave somewhere! Lossless is the way to go. We have awesome audio equipment now and you just can't take advantage of it with those crappy Mp3's. Yes, yes, yes, you will need a DAC (digital to analog converter) in a lot of cases. But start now. ALAC and FLAC files are where to start!
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    03-24-13 02:17 PM

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