02-23-14 05:47 AM
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  1. Caulibeam's Avatar
    Finally this feature has been implemented in OS Now, another one less frustration for BB10 users Adding a new contact now let you choose where this contact would be added, be it local contact, sim, or any contact sources set up on the phone, bravo BB for listening to users.

    I'm also really curious about this. I noticed that one of my accounts doesn't have all my contacts saved, We need a function to reselect the contacts to sync/unsync
    02-13-14 09:56 AM
  2. vladi's Avatar
    Here is a challenge: Edit field on specific single account when you press Edit icon. You don't know what you are editing and where information comes from.

    Here is the redundant part: Fields containing duplicate information such as numbers are not merged in display view and if you have the same contact on your EAS, Gmail and Y! the their exact info will appear three freakin' times even though number or address are the same.
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    02-23-14 05:47 AM
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