06-06-14 02:17 AM
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  1. 00_Agent's Avatar
    Nope problem not solved because it won't even connect!

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    06-04-14 07:19 PM
  2. 00_Agent's Avatar
    Btw seeing as u r in this thread, what was the last leak u loaded? Wonder if it has anything to do with tht.!

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    How did you know by that time I was in his thread? Uhm I loaded up because it once got bricked or whatever they call it so I had to reload the OS, 2 weeks later boom, it is now really a BLACKberry so..

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    06-04-14 07:21 PM
  3. akawarrior's Avatar
    I can't call my provider because they too sucked, I recently loaded up the official with an autoloader last time because it got stuck on "BlackBerry 10" loading screen and couldn't be booted up. So I reload the OS.

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    Ahh.. Yeah you got to give us all the recent details..
    Next question is, are you sure you loaded the right OS, and next question is,
    did it ever work after your load?

    BUT (Just for the hell of it)

    Take the battery out and then hold the top button
    down for a count of 15 (slow).. After that, then put the battery
    back in and plug it into the USB (live computer)..
    Then hold the top button down and see if the red led comes on.
    Just keep holding it down for a count of 20 If it does, let go right away
    and see if it will boot then..

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    06-05-14 07:20 AM
  4. Raselj's Avatar
    Tell me something, do the resets that have been suggested, and see if you can get the red light to come on, make sure the room is quiet, tell me if you hear a very high frequency sound coming from the phone.

    Because if so, from experience with other electronics that means that there is a chip on there thiat is fried.

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    06-05-14 07:55 AM
  5. Hannes Herrmann1's Avatar
    Please try forcing a reset:
    Hold volume up and down at the same time for some seconds.

    This worked for me sometimes!

    Anybody knows how to get to the socalled Bootloaderscreen (like tricolor screen on htc showing spl/ allow rom flash)? Must be a button combined with plugging USB in. (Try volume up or down and then plug usb while pushing).
    06-06-14 02:17 AM
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