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    i have a Z10 with the latest leak installed - and since installation of the leak i have a serious problem:

    In the last weeks, my Z10 died three times, always with the same symptoms:

    (1) Battery was between 40 and 60% full.
    (2) Z10 played a notification sound (like a new BBM)
    (3) Phone is dead. Need to attach to a charger, then it tells me, the battery is completely empty.
    (4) Recharge and everything is fine.

    I already tried a second battery, its the same behavior. Didnt have this before the latest leak. I cant reproduce this phenomenon, but i rarely happens. Problem is, i cant trust the phone any longer. Already missed a wake-up alarm and missed important messages.

    Any solution - or do i have to install the last "official" release ? (How to downgrade?)

    Best regards,

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    12-08-13 08:40 AM
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    Mine just started doing this as well in past week, was perfect for a week.

    Now I'm lucky to depend on phone for 4-5 hours standbye time, as can try and use phone and boom dead.

    As well finding my HUB does not populate, only populates once per day. I have deleted accounts, re-added, etc... with no success of new messages appearing, until it randomly wanst to say yup new text, mail, bbm....even though been read 3-4 hours prior on PC.
    12-08-13 08:47 AM
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    Worst case, just reflash the OS then do a security wipe. Avoid restoring settings etc start fresh. There are many apps you can use as a backup such as fire chest in BBworld. Good luck.

    Lilly's hand stitched Frankensteined Z30 powered by 10.2.1.xxxx
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