12-21-13 01:44 AM
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  1. Kris Simundson's Avatar
    Thankfully, there are never any spots on my bed, so I guess I'm not getting that old
    11-01-13 12:34 PM
  2. rgarza8's Avatar
    Thankfully, there are never any spots on my bed, so I guess I'm not getting that old
    Took me a while to get this...duh! LOL by the way.
    Kris Simundson likes this.
    11-01-13 12:36 PM
  3. quadcells's Avatar
    I am guilty as charged!
    11-01-13 12:55 PM
  4. dhutt's Avatar
    I check multiple times, but only on the days that end with a "y".
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    11-01-13 01:18 PM
  5. amanago's Avatar
    I checked daily hoping and praying that once the page got refreshed a new leak is posted.
    11-01-13 01:23 PM
  6. SteelHelmet's Avatar
    Nah, it doesn't rain every day and also I used high quality coating on the roof last time, so no need really!
    11-01-13 01:33 PM
  7. geoffsdad's Avatar
    Any leaks here?

    Posted via CB10(BBM#22) on my Z10 featuring BBM Channel C0002FE04
    11-01-13 01:40 PM
  8. masterscarhead1's Avatar
    Relax guys, go do something fun
    There aren't any leaks that I'm aware of at the moment
    11-01-13 01:41 PM
  9. eBud's Avatar
    Yeah, morning noon and night...got it pretty bad...
    11-01-13 01:46 PM
  10. nhanken's Avatar
    I check every morning as soon as I wake up to see if my Z10 is wet and leaking ;p

    Posted via CB10
    11-01-13 01:49 PM
  11. Tecker Man's Avatar
    I think i check the most about 15-20 times a day
    11-01-13 01:56 PM
  12. mmcpher's Avatar
    Relax guys, go do something fun
    There aren't any leaks that I'm aware of at the moment

    There's a collision within your post -- "relax" with "There aren't any leaks that I'm aware of". Leaks dry up and angst and desperation ensues! When there's something about to spring, well that anticipation is the good opposite of relax, notwithstanding it might be similarly irritating to the Berryleaks Team!
    11-01-13 01:59 PM
  13. RazrRob's Avatar

    (sorry couldn't help myself)
    Derlitz likes this.
    11-01-13 02:00 PM
  14. lengend's Avatar
    Damn that BL team who won't leak an OS for us! I'm getting restless where I have an auto refresher to check for a leak!

    Posted via CB10
    11-01-13 02:27 PM
  15. Lyte's Avatar
    I just shake it before I put it away *shrugs*
    11-01-13 03:03 PM
  16. Workingmen's Avatar
    Everybody at BlackBerry too busy looking good for the new owner when they should be leaking.

    Posted via CB10
    11-01-13 03:23 PM
  17. LillyFox's Avatar
    I never check for leaks... in fact what is a leak?...... is it like my kitchen sink?. I only come here to read silly posts...... about people wanting leaks.... I do this 5 times a day just in case there is a really funny autoloader....erm I mean post to load... grrrr I mean read.....

    Posted via Lilly's hand stitched Frankensteined Z10 powered by 10.2.(latest Leak)
    Uzi likes this.
    11-01-13 04:09 PM
  18. npunk42's Avatar
    I rarely check the forums directly, but I check CB two or more times for many things, among them new leaks. If a leak is released I check the first and last page of that forum for insights, more if interesting.
    11-01-13 05:51 PM
  19. rleo25's Avatar
    This is my confort zone, every two hours...lol....

    Posted via CB10
    11-01-13 06:03 PM
  20. iSilverBullet's Avatar
    I check every hour
    11-01-13 06:09 PM
  21. poiznberry's Avatar
    Used to check the whole day, then once a day, then weekly...
    ...and now, 10 months after, my Z10 its lying on its box awaitng for some loyal, dupe guy, or fanboy who wanna buy this bunch of empty promises.
    10 f*king months living a lie, unbelievable...
    11-01-13 06:25 PM
  22. jafrul's Avatar
    If you really need to check for leaks, you need to see a doctor.
    It's normal to go for morning leaks, but checking for leaks even while you're in toilet?
    That's some serious issue you got there.

    11-01-13 06:56 PM
  23. BlackBerryMalaysia's Avatar
    every second!
    11-01-13 07:02 PM
  24. hammer40's Avatar
    Every morning and afternoon

    Posted via CB10
    11-01-13 07:21 PM
  25. alextercero's Avatar
    My coworkers do it for me when i'm busy at work ;0
    Derlitz likes this.
    11-01-13 07:23 PM
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