1. andrego's Avatar
    The Android runtime keeps getting better, but there are a few things I wish would be fixed for the Q10 that would really improve compatibility.

    1) Hiding the navigation bar seems to cause issues. Some apps refuse to load if you do it, and sometimes the screen output becomes misaligned with the touch input. My wish is that the phone 'settings' app would have a section for the android runtime and we could set it "off" by default, with a section for per-application overrides.

    2) Apps that want to run in landscape mode often fail because the Q10 lacks that (720x720). What would be great is if it allowed an app to run in the aspect ratio it requested. In essence, just let them use a portion of the screen (in portrait mode (scaled down) and don't try to squish it into full-screen (something like 720x480?). Again, a default option with per-application override would be sensible. Many more games would surely run if we had that (since they already work on Z10/Z30).

    3) Hardware keyboard not being recognized by Android apps. It works in many, but several (all of them emulators) exhibit the same issue: I can map keys in the GUI, but when actually trying to run a game the only key that is recognized is the enter key. This happens in SuperGNES, MyBoy, and DosBox Turbo. I presume that it's maybe by design to prevent Android malware from logging keystrokes, but perhaps it is just a bug?

    Is there some way to report compatibility issues to BlackBerry? Or do we just give it time and hope they notice/fix these things?
    12-29-13 03:35 AM
  2. qbnkelt's Avatar
    There is always the option of contacting the developers and asking him/her to port the apps over......
    12-29-13 04:33 AM
  3. Concession's Avatar
    Yeah, there are some pretty serious issues with the Q10 keyboard.

    In the newest update they essentially made it useless for anything but typing. You know they priorities are out of wack when they have a App world section dedicated to using an external gamepad but nothing highlighting things that utilize the built in keyboard.
    03-01-14 01:00 PM

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