1. Jakob Greve's Avatar
    Dear Crackberry users, I'm wondering what the 1720 is like I've tried the 1762 and the 1880, the 1762 does seem to run/runs sideloaded apps the best also sompared to the 10.0 that came with my phone, however 1762 has minor bugs so any take on sideload performance for 1720?

    If sideloading is fast I will do the downgrade so hence the question
    05-18-13 01:13 PM
  2. tickerguy's Avatar
    I non-destructively downgraded both the OS and Radio to 1720/1721 and the stability problems I had with 1762 are gone.

    Coming up on 48 hours now with autoconnect for the VPN locked on, no resets. On 1762 I would be lucky to get 2-3 hours with VPN on and ~18 hours with it off.

    Look at Sachup/Sachibar for a means to non-destructively change the OS and radio. Hopefully future leaks will be posted up as both an autoloader and the two BAR files used to make it, as with those two files you can change OS releases without reloading your programs and data.
    05-18-13 01:23 PM
  3. Jakob Greve's Avatar
    Does this mean you can't just downgrade throught the autoloader, thanks for the infor by the way
    05-18-13 05:00 PM
  4. Jakob Greve's Avatar
    Yibbi my Bloomberg sideload is running as smoothly as ever compared to 1762 and 1880, 1720 is deffinetly recommended. Bloomberg /android apps loads slowly on 1880 and there's the credit-card issue / dialing issue with 1762.
    05-18-13 06:24 PM
  5. Jakob Greve's Avatar
    Thanks Lfbe
    05-18-13 06:25 PM

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