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    If we have the Classic and the porsche design coming out this year which have almost the same specifications as current devices. Those devices should get At least more major updates which means current devices can be supported. I think we will get a few more major updates

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    09-13-14 10:59 AM
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    I thought it was mentioned that 10.3 is the last OS to support the Adobe AIR runtime. It will not be included in 10.3.1. I'd say that's a pretty big difference.

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    09-13-14 11:14 AM
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    I have seen a number people say 10.3 will be "optimized" for the Passport. It might be an issue of semantics, but if any enhancements are made I think 10.3 will be written to take advantage/make better use of the extra GB of RAM and extra CPU cores.

    I'm pointing out that subtle difference in wording because if 10.3 was written to require those additional physical resources, then BlackBerry would either have to fork the base OS code when 10.3.1 comes out for all devices, or back those changes out so the 2GB of RAM and dual core devices will work with it as well. We all see how well the code forking for the STL100-1 is going, so I don't think they will fork the OS for devices with more RAM and CPUs.

    What I am hoping is that BlackBerry is writing 10.3 to be able to spawn more threads if it sees more CPUS on a device, and to potentially cache more in RAM if it sees more RAM available. Both of these approaches should help Passport performance while not hindering the performance or forcing a coding fork in 10.3.1 for the rest of the devices.

    Then again they could me making no real changes other than supporting the new screen resolution, and 10.3 is really being limited to the Passport to try and give it's launch a little more uniqueness/boost.

    I'm just thinking out loud here and am not trying to argue with anyone. If anyone has any write ups from BlackBerry about what they are doing to "optimize" 10.3 on the Passport, I would love to read it.

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    10.3 may not necessarily be Passport-optimized in that sense, but having used the 10.3 leak for a little while now, it certainly feels as if 10.3 isn't optimized for older devices. I've had a number of performance issues that seem to relate to RAM usage (I've had 2 or 3 apps close at a time randomly, and the browser slows to a crawl when I'm running multiple apps and/or tabs), the camera app has severe lag when shooting in 16:9, and there have been cases where text displayed in apps is too wide to fit on the screen, as if it's designed for a wider screen like the Passport's. Heck, it'd make sense for them to ignore the optimization on older devices for now, since they know that this OS is never supposed to release on them.
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    Thank you all for the responses.. :-)
    09-14-14 04:19 AM
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    Addressing the question: "what are the key differences between OS 10.3 & 10.3.1

    1) The first main difference is that 10.3.1 has an extra .1 instead of 10.3.0 which does not.

    2) second main difference, there are developer tools for the trackpad, back button, and menu button; etc, for the Classic to use. These are not present in the 10.3 OS

    3) third main difference, ONLY the BlackBerry Passport & BlackBerry Porsche Design P'9983 will recieve the 10.3 update and ALL other devices will go straight to 10.3.1

    This is because why bother push an update out on September 24th and then 2 months later push another one out? Just means Cellular ISPs have more work.

    There will also be many UI refinements & enhancements including things like "Dark Theme Hub"

    The best way to look at it is to try forget that a 10.3.0 exists and just imagine your phone updating from

    10.2.1 = 10.3.1

    BlackBerry 10 Wallpapers (BBM Channel) C004635F8
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    09-14-14 05:04 AM
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    10.3 is optimized for quad-core processor and as mentioned above... more RAM... Passport only (for now)

    10.3.1 is optimized for for the rest. Q5/10, z10/30, Porsche, and Classic

    The Porsche is launching with 10.3 as well.
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    09-14-14 05:42 PM
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