1. chudypee's Avatar
    Posted via CB10
    11-05-14 03:33 PM
  2. diegonei's Avatar
    It's exactly what is sounds. A mysterious new service.

    Seriously now, group video chat service.
    11-05-14 06:12 PM
  3. cbcoza's Avatar
    We'll see on the 13th November

    -- Z30STA100-6/ --
    11-05-14 08:59 PM
  4. supraking's Avatar
    11-05-14 09:09 PM
  5. jmb12177's Avatar
    Rofl, that is cool, how did you set that up?

    Posted via CB10
    11-05-14 09:19 PM
  6. Qrackin's Avatar
    (LMGTFY )let me Google that for you

    Posted with my "square" phone!
    11-05-14 09:22 PM
  7. Matty's Avatar
    Information will be provided next week
    What is BBM meeting ?-img_20141106_110430_edit_edit.png

    Posted via BlackBerry Q5 on
    11-06-14 03:06 AM

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