05-30-14 02:44 AM
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  1. Easy-G's Avatar
    My average battery life has increased from 6 to 8 hours. I'm on day 4 on the 296.

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    My Z30 seems to be lasting long as well. 4% remaining after 15 hours, brightness on max.

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    05-15-14 05:50 AM
  2. wincyUt's Avatar
    Placing phone face down will save the power but how will one know when there is a notification? Defeats the purpose some times. I have not tried it but I would like to know how it works.
    The phone still rings and the notification alerts while the phone is face down. I know because I have the leak on both Z10 & 30 and tested both.

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    05-15-14 06:54 AM
  3. andreirad's Avatar
    From where did u install this leak o Q10? It is not available for now for Q10....is it???

    Posted via CB10 thru my Q10 (SQN 100-3/OS on Vodafone INDIA
    Here is the thread with the OS for Q10 :


    And this is the Mega Link. Even easier :


    Visit my BBM Channel ~ C000E96F6
    05-15-14 08:42 AM
  4. wincyUt's Avatar
    Michael Clewley has spoke again, "This is a developer beta there may still be some changes. Also, Ive only talked about what is in plain sight and found in the BlackBerry 10.3 beta SDK. Theres much much more to come! We encourage developers to download the tools and the SDK and to provide feedback. A quick word of warning for the average user: this OS update is not yet ready for you. It is a stripped-down version of BlackBerry 10, with many features removed. So if you expect this to be fully functional youll have a sad face."
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    05-15-14 09:05 AM
  5. Wbrian's Avatar
    I'm loving it. Using it as my daily driver without any hiccups!

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    05-15-14 11:34 AM
  6. Raselj's Avatar
    Anyone trying the 60fps video camera option? It's rather sweet.

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    05-15-14 12:27 PM
  7. ayekon's Avatar
    I'm impressed and exclusive about it, unfortunately the keyboard is buggy

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    Agreed, I love everything except the keyboard now lol... Predictive typing has some serious issues and I've grown rather fond of it... I still use use it as a daily though and love the battery life and new features
    05-15-14 02:06 PM
  8. Gearheadaddy's Avatar
    Yes impressed and liking it. Loaded 296/442 today. Verizon in USA

    My keyboard works perfectly. BTW

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    05-16-14 01:22 AM
  9. dwane32's Avatar
    Do you guys have red accents or is that just in .140
    05-16-14 12:23 PM
  10. wincyUt's Avatar
    Do you guys have red accents or is that just in .140
    There some red accents but not as much as in the very first leak, if that is what you are referring to.

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    05-16-14 01:05 PM
  11. Ambitious_1's Avatar
    Love: - the Hub delete function
    - the panoramic mode on the camera.

    Don't like: - The camera app in general ie no dynamic focus, touch screen to take photo- I'm not a fan. Also considering the phones are hard to rest as standalone,
    I don't see much use for the timed shots.
    - The annoying keyboard swipe delete glitch I have. I ie swiping once, doesnt always delete, but rather places random letters
    - No automatic full screen video activation on embedded video playback

    Neutral: I really can't see much to sing about.

    If anyone knows how to solve my 'dislikes', I would be thankful. Currently my Q10 is my daily driver with the latest 10.2.x build and very happy with it! My Z10 is my 'play phone' with 10.3, currently I really can't convince myself to use it full-time with 10.3
    05-30-14 02:44 AM
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