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    (Moderator, please locate it under right forum section, i could not find one)

    Folks especially people who have some contacts in BB and particularly in BBM division,

    Please ask them to push an update for BBM frequently and have more Beta users. Last update was on 28th April 2015. If BBM has to catch up with Whatsapp on no. of users and user engagement, they need to push better and more frequent updates.

    Below are the issues and new features needed,

    1. Improve BBM send, delivery and read mechanism. As of now a lot of times, it takes a good time to actually send a message and then a lot of time to get that D.
    2. Reduce the app size, 55 MB thats insane. Also, it needs to reduce on battery usage along with faster load time.
    3. Fix time stamps. They need to be actual like when message was sent and when message was read. For ex. the receiver of message on BBM gets the sent time stamp and the sender gets the updated time stamp of when the receiver read it.

    New Features
    1. BBM Groups -
    - Increase number of people in a group.
    - Bring share any type of file on group upto 16 or maybe 32 MB limit with pause and cancel button. And especially if it goes out of network it should pause and resume from where it stopped when network is available again.
    - Rename ability for groups and having new feature of topic that can be changed by anyone.
    2. Some way we need D & R for groups that will be awesome

    2. BBM Video/Voice
    - More quality enhancements over 3G/wifi calling
    - Quickly call notification & connecting immediately especially on Wifi
    - Cross platform video (dont know whats holding them up)

    3. BBM Premium pricing & Features
    - Promotional pricing for android and ios and windows. Maybe $1 for a year and then $2 for all the features.
    - It has to be completely free for BB10 at least for 1st year (personal opinion)
    - More wallpapers, games support, big file sending, and better smiley packs. I find them a little slow and also want a tab for frequent used stickers.

    4. BBM Channel
    - Long update due for stability issues
    - Edit the post
    - embedded images automatically picked up when sharing an article etc from a webpage
    - Better Desktop support (channels.bbm.com)

    5. BBM on desktop
    - Seriously need an app for desktop running in background. I know Blend is there. But its positioning is something else and exclusively for BB10

    6. Adding more contacts through Mobile numbers (dont jump on it please)
    - A privacy option for all if they are ok with getting added through their mobile by anyone/ or contacts in the contacts app or just no one.
    Once it is enabled. One can add through mobile number. But still it will create a BBM pin instead of using mobile number & will ask the other user to provide email ID(in case he is not on BBM)

    This maintains utmost privacy for the people who are care for it the most at the same time, it enables adding more contacts and having more users on BBM with more conversations. And still it is using BBM pin and not phone number. Its all in background.

    7. BBM Chat backup - It has to backup to dropbox or on something based on BBID.

    8. Multiple logins - It has to be there. Desktop and on different phones. It should be allowed to have multiple devices. Maybe there could be a limit 2 or 3. Like, a desktop, a BB10 and a ios device.

    Hope to see an update soon. I dont know how much time it will take for them to bring above all. But just wish it all comes soon and really soon to us.
    06-25-15 12:27 AM
  2. thurask's Avatar
    Cross platform video is already in through Meetings. That's evidently good enough for them.

    And besides, it's 2015, you can deal with 55MB.

    Posted via CB10
    06-25-15 12:39 AM
  3. meltbox360's Avatar
    I think most important is cross platform video. It's taking forever and I could convince some people to jump over maybe for the video. Especially since the app is getting quite polished. Not sure how it is on other platforms since I've only ever used it on BB10.

    Posted via CB10
    06-25-15 12:40 AM
  4. prateek.samtani's Avatar
    Cross platform video is already in through Meetings. That's evidently good enough for them.

    And besides, it's 2015, you can deal with 55MB.

    Posted via CB10
    Yes I know. But its more so an enterprise offering. They need to bring video for like 10 people and voice upto 20 people for general consumers.

    And more importantly, it has to be within BBM and not a seperate app.
    06-25-15 12:47 AM

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