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    Hey so I traded my GS4 today for a BB Z10. I am loving it ! The guy must've installed the leak OS because its on Im enjoying the new improvements over when I had the Z10 on launch. My question is, when the official 10.2 comes out through ATT. How will I be able to install it ? Since Im sure the official build will be much more stable im just curious if it will be hard to go to the official version. BTW I have a Mac so no windows PCs around me.

    08-18-13 10:20 PM
  2. mbangoza's Avatar
    Reset to default OS through bblink then check for OS upgrade through link or settings.
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    08-18-13 10:25 PM
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    As long as the version released by the carrier is higher than your current version it will push thru as an update (whenever that might be). Wouldn't hold your breath on att though.

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    08-18-13 10:42 PM

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